3/23 Funny man

Kevin Millar is keeping everybody loose in the Cubs clubhouse, including his clubhouse neighbor, Kosuke Fukudome. Does the Japanese outfielder understand all of Millar’s jokes?

“No,” Fukudome said, smiling.

But Fukudome has seen the positive impact Millar brings to the team.

“It’s really nice to have a player like him,” Fukudome said through interpreter Hiro Aoyama. “He encourages everybody and whatever position he is offered to play, he does what he needs to do without any complaining. It’s really a nice asset to have.”

Ryan Dempster keeps the pitchers loose. Millar, who is a non-roster invitee, is doing that with the position players.

“Players like him, he does encourage everybody,” Fukudome said. “He is nice to have.”

However, if Millar makes it, Fukudome may ask to have his locker located far away.

“I think he talks a lot,” Fukudome said. “He might talk while he sleeps.”

— Carrie Muskat


That’s awesome news for all the other veteran ballplayers out there with waning defensive skills and mediocre hitting prowess…just brush up on your comedy routine and Hendry will come knocking your door down. Maybe somebody should tell Brad Snyder, Tyler Colvin and Starlin Castro to stop trying to impress by ACTUALLY HITTING, RUNNING AND FIELDING and instead buy a joke book. Also, I think when somebody can report what Fukodome said NOT THROUGH AN INTERPRETER…that would be news.
One year it’s lack of left handed hitting so Hendry panics and tries to fix that by bringing in not a left handed hitter but a switch hitter and also a bad clubhouse guy (really? Gosh WHO KNEW THAT?), so it’s a cancer in the clubhouse which ruined 2009 so Hendry naturally now forsakes the lack of left handed hitting, signs Byrd but also has to fix the clubhouse by trying to squeeze in Millar and his one dimensional skills because he keeps people loose???
Kevin Millar now appearing at a Cubs locker room near you…
As if watching Soriano chase balls in the outfield isn’t funny enough.

Yeah, is Kosuke trying to learn English or what? Sure is nice when our players can speak to the media themselves!

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