3/23 Opening Day tickets – no fooling

The countdown is on to win tickets to the Cubs’ home opener April 12 against the Brewers. Don’t you want to be at Wrigley Field for Opening Day in Chicago? The entry deadline is April 1 — no fooling — for the “I Want Tickets to the Home Opener” sweepstakes. Limit one entry per person. See the link for details.



— Carrie Muskat


Carrie- I am a die hard Cubbie Fan that grew up in Illinois but now lives in Lexington, KY – why under that state options is it only Ill, Wisc, Iowa?

It’s nothing against Kentucky or Texas or Florida. The eligible states for tickets to a game at Wrigley Field has to legally be limited to states considered within a reasonable driving distance to the ballpark. That’s because transportation is not provided with the prize. In short, we want to make sure the winning fans gets to actually use the prize.

In America, would it be too much to let the people choose how to get somewhere? Why is it assumed that somebody in “far away” states would not spend time and resources to somehow get to Wrigley field? Maybe a winner in KY or FL would give the winning tickets to a friend or relative that lives closer to Wrigley? (or are they not transferrable for God knows why?). All the rules, regulations, restrictions just doesn’t sound what this country is all about. Kentucky is just a day trip away, maybe for some people winning expensive home opener tickets is easier than trying to purchase them anyway and the logistics isn’t the problem. Too bad rhilliard1708, you just are not capable of making your own decision whether or not you can “get to” Wrigley Field…I guess. How far is the western boarder of Iowa or the northern boarder of Wisconsin or the Southern boarder of Indiana that much different than Lexington KY?

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