3/24 Lilly OK with Minor games

Ted Lilly has felt so good coming off arthroscopic surgery on his left shoulder that he wanted to pitch in Cactus League games. But instead, he’ll make at least two starts for the Minor League team at Fitch Park, beginning Saturday.

“The reason is it’s our best option as a team,” Lilly said Wednesday. “At least I still get a chance to get some work in. I’ve got to be happy with where I’m at coming off surgery. I’m going to pitch to hitters and I’m getting out there and I’m on the field. I would’ve liked to have been able to pitch in a [Cactus League] game but this just makes more sense as a team that I go over to pitch at Fitch Park.”

The Cubs want to keep the other pitchers on their regular schedule heading into the season which is why Lilly is being slotted into Minor League games. Will the two starts be enough?

“I guess we’ll find out,” he said. “If I come out of the gate and I’m contributing and we’re winning when I’m pitching, then it’ll seem to be enough.”

So far, his arm feels great. Lilly is projected to return to the Cubs rotation sometime in the second half of April. On Saturday, the Cubs will be playing host to the Padres at HoHoKam Park down the road from the Minor League game at Fitch Park.

— Carrie Muskat

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Any idea what time the game will start on Saturday? We may want to go to Fitch park and check it out.

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