3/25 Baker making adjustments

Jeff Baker doesn’t look at his spring stats. He entered Thursday’s game batting .156 but he’s been working a lot with hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo and making changes.

“We’re trying to do some things to be more consistent,” Baker said Thursday. “It’s obviously taken longer than I would’ve liked but it is what it is.”

One of the things Jaramillo has suggested is for Baker to close his stance a little.

“I’ve been really wide and we’re trying to stay more upright,” Baker said. “It’s a big adjustment for me, to be honest. I’ve always been really, really spread out. That’s been my comfort zone and my feel. Now I’m trying to get more narrow. It’s taken a little while to get going with that. It’s one of those things that are good and will help me in the long run.”

He is allowed to say no but right now, he’s processing all of the information.

“Sometimes it might not work for you,” he said. “You try it and go with it. After that, you go with what’s comfortable and feels good. I just want to get my swing mechanics to where they need to be so once we get going, all I’m thinking about is seeing a baseball and hitting a baseball.”

— Carrie Muskat

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