3/28 One opening left

Here’s the Cubs’ Opening Day roster so far:

Pitchers: Carlos Zambrano, Ryan Dempster, Randy Wells, Tom Gorzelanny, Carlos Silva, Carlos Marmol, John Grabow, Esmailin Caridad, Jeff Samardzija, Sean Marshall, James Russell, and Justin Berg.

Outfielders: Alfonso Soriano, Kosuke Fukudome, Marlon Byrd, Xavier Nady and Tyler Colvin.

Infielders: Derrek Lee, Mike Fontenot, Jeff Baker, Ryan Theriot, and Aramis Ramirez.

Catchers: Geovany Soto and Koyie Hill.

Caridad, Russell, Berg and Colvin are rookies. There’s one opening left and still in camp are Kevin Millar, Chad Tracy, Micah Hoffpauir, Sam Fuld and Chris Robinson.

— Carrie Muskat


The Cubs are just too weak at the top of the lineup. I would like to see Lou reconsider is one, two hitters. Soriano is a one man threat when he comes to the plate and he represents even more of a threat when there are men on bases. This Cubs lineup, even with runners in scoring position, will give give the edge to the opposing pitchers because they are not going to be intimidated by the likes of Theriot and Fuku. I hope that Soriano can bounce back and have a great season. He represents more of a threat at the number one spot. If D. Lee is healthy then he is the Cubs cleanup and let bat Ram third. Ram is a great hitter and will be able to hit 3 or 4, but with Lee he might get some different looks at the 4 spot. It makes it very tough for an opposing pitcher to face Soriano, Lee, and Ram in the same inning. This lineup produced in ’08 and there is no reason that with everyone staying healthy it can produce for the Cubs in 2010. Go Cubs!

Whom to keep? Micah Hoffpauir & Sam Fuld are minor leaguers. Three catchers makes no sense. And Koyie is a good backup. Chad Tracy does not seem the perfect solution, but does offer another left-handed bat and some reassurance at 3B and 1B. Kevin Millar is a good clubhouse guy, but his best days are long past him and does not much help defensively. I would go with Tracy, for now.

The signing of Nady is still a head scratcher, especially for the money and his bad arm. It’s as if Hendry has something up his sleeve to replace one of the corner outfielders with Nady but how can he move either Soriano or Fukodome? Neither have great trade value and loaded contracts. And even if one were to be dealt shouldn’t Colvin get the vacated spot and not Nady? Between Colvin ready to take over every day and Fuld already established as a defensive replacement stud, why sign Nady for 3 mil
and create such an outfield logjam when the 3 mil could have been banked for the trade deadline? Besides, even with a good arm Nady was never known as a defensive outfielder and that is probably why he spent time in the Aerican League. Hendry, go figure. I think Fuld would be missed on the bench more than Tracy.

Are you kidding me Lopez? Soriano at leadoff?

soriano hasn’t been much of a threat since 2008 and maybe the beginning of 2009. there’s a lot of “ifs” in these posts… i’m hoping soriano bounces back but his spring performance hasn’t impressed me all that much. if only we could just plunk colvin down in left and dump soriano somewhere else, right? only reason he’s hanging around is the investment we put in him.

You mean HENDRY put in him. We’re stuck with Soriano and the worst part is not the little value for the dollar Hendry spent but the repercussions now affecting the growth of our minor league system. When Hendry shelled out an EIGHT STINKIN’ YEAR CONTRACT TO A DH TO PLAY LEFT FIELD was he thinking that his minor league system was so bad that there was no chance of developing a kid to play left field within EIGHT STINKIN’ YEARS?? If your’e going to commit EIGHT STINKIN’ YEARS to an outfielder at least make sure he can FEILD. At least Fukodome can field, we would have been better off with the week hitting Fukodme for EIGHT STINKIN’ YEARS. Did I mention Hendry made the mistake of signing Soriano for EIGHT STINKIN’ YEARS???

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