3/30 Millar waits for word

The Cubs were expected to make their final roster move on Tuesday and Kevin Millar can only wait. He, Chad Tracy, Micah Hoffpauir and Sam Fuld were still in camp, waiting to see who got the last spot on the bench.

Millar knows he has the reputation of being popular in the clubhouse and blended in well with the team.

“That’s the thing — you get labeled, ‘Oh, he’s a great clubhouse guy,'” Millar said Tuesday. “I’m going to give you a tough at-bat late in the game. You’re a threat. Anybody who can hit a home run is considered a threat off the bench. I’m a threat off the bench. I wanted to give Lou some flexibility. ‘Hey, he can go to left.’ If Soriano blew out, am I going to play 60 games in left? No, that’s not my job. You’d call a left fielder up. But if there’s a doubleheader, you go out to left, or a double switch, you go to third base. Those are the things you want to bring. We know I can play first.

“There’s things that I can do to help the club other than being the dancing bear and trying to get everybody to eat together. We forget about that side of it. I’ve had a lot of at-bats in the big league.”

He admits he’s been pressing at the plate a little. This is the second straight season in which he hasn’t found out if he’s made a team until the last week.

“It’s a miserable feeling from the players’ side,” Millar said. “You hear, ‘Well, relax, don’t worry about it, don’t press.’ You’re human. I’m 38 years old and have almost 5,000 at-bats in the big leagues. You’re still going to try to press to do well. That’s the human factor. It’s your career.”

— Carrie Muskat

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Geez, how many double headers do you think the Cubs will have that they need to put yet another DH in left to spell the DH they had in the first game? Millar can only adequatley sub at first which Baker can also do and Millar’s bat has gone down hill, it’s time for Hendry to face the music and realize not every veteran with a storied PAST can drink from the fountain of youth and repeat with a career year. Millar belongs in the AL at DH or with an NL team that desperatley needs a full time first baseman due to an unexpected injury. He had no business being in the Cubs camp. Tracy or Fuld should be the only two being considered for their versatility.

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