3/31 Fuld & Hoffpauir both disappointed

Both Sam Fuld and Micah Hoffpauir were disappointed in their springs and also at the news that both were headed back to Triple-A Iowa.

“I obviously didn’t play as well as I hoped or expected,” Fuld said Wednesday. “Where I continue to need to improve myself is with the bat. It’s disappointing the way I hit. It’s not the first time I’ve started off slow. In terms of confidence, I’m not too worried. I’m sure I’ll bounce bcak fine. It’s a long season.”

Fuld has always come through for the team when called on.

“Spring Training is tricky,” he said. “You usually don’t get a ton of at-bats, it’s a pretty small sample size. There’s nothing you can do about that. In a way, it’s a lot like coming off the bench during the season. You have to make the most of your opportunities as limited as they may be.”

So, he’ll be ready when Piniella calls?

“Exactly. I will,” he said.

Hoffpauir had gotten a head start this offseason, working with Rudy Jaramillo in Texas. He made some changes to his swing and felt he was doing better in recent games.

“I came here this spring with every expectation of making this team and that didn’t happen,” Hoffpauir said. “I’ll go to Triple-A and see what happens and I hope to get a callup soon and take care of business then.”

Did he feel he had good spring?

“Absolutely not,” Hoffpauir said. “The adjustments we made I think are going to work in the long run. It’s something I didn’t feel absolutely comfortable with the first part of spring. For about 15, 30 at-bats, I didn’t feel like I was where I needed to be. [Jaramillo] and I sat down and talked about it and I started to feel a lot better at the plate with a couple slight modications from what we’ve done and I started to feel better at the plate. I thought I was in contention for that last roster spot.

“I believe there’s  reason for everything and somebody has a plan for me somewhere and I’ll put my nose to the grindstone and get after it and hopefully good things will happen and maybe showcase for some other team. We’ll see what happens.”

— Carrie Muskat


Just confirmed that ESPN will be blacking out the home opener since it’s on WCIU. This makes absolutely NO sense considering I live in Iowa and cannot even get WCIU. Did the Cubs or MLB drop the ball on this one? Ridiculous.

Carrie, what was the line on Zambrano’s 4 nnings?

Joey, you’ve got to learn to read the boxscores. Big Z gave up four runs on six hits and two walks over four innings. He struck out three. Don’t read much into the numbers.

Read the boxscores but don’t read too much into the numbers? That makes sense. I actually did read the boxscore and read juuuuuust enough into the numbers but wanted affirmation since Big Z declared himself ready after a mediocre at best performance. A tune up for what? More of the same? A more humble statement such as “almost ready” would have been better suited. It seems to me until he can rack up back to back 17+ wins in two consecutive season the only thing he’ll be ready for is remaining a questionable “Ace” at the onset of the season. Of course what do I know? I didn’t even comment under the correct headline! Thanks Carrie. (Don’t read too much into this comment)

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