4/5 Big Z

Monday was Carlos Zambrano’s sixth straight Opening Day start, and his shortest. Big Z was pulled after 1 1/3 innings. At that point, he had given up eight runs on six hits, including two home runs, hit a batter and made a throwing error that led to a run. This was Zambrano’s sixth straight Opening Day start, which is a club record. He has won only one of those games.

The 1 1/3 innings matched Big Z’s shortest outing of his career but the other time he did it was Sept. 4, 2006, and he came out of that game because of back problems.

“He’s certainly capable of doing a heck of a lot better,” Lou Piniella said.

What happened?

“Too many pitches in the middle,” Zambrano said. “They have a good lineup. Against a team like that, you can’t put the ball in the middle. You have to hit the spots and the corner if you want to pitch good against the Braves.”

— Carrie Muskat



Can the Cubs play today’s game under protest due to the incorrect call on the ball that was dropped in the outfield? Obviously the game ended up getting out of hand later, but you never know what would have happened and that was a big swing in momentum to go from 2 on and no outs, to none on and 2 outs.

Why the hell was Marshall pulled so early? He was doing great, then Tracy gets doubled up. Who should we blame for this loss, Big Z, Tracey, no Pinella what the hell is he doing?

Can’t be protested. It was a judgement call, not a missed rule. What should be under protest is Zambrano’s ace like start again.

Hmmm….Big snooZZZZZe declared himself ready after his last spring training game which was bad, today’s opener being a Major League game that counts, can we read into THESE numbers? Zambrano at best may yet be a good pitcher but not even close to the ace Hendry thinks he is or can be. How about Heyward in right field for the Braves? Can you imagine if Hendry was their GM? God knows when Heyward would have been called up being only 20 Hendry would deem him too inexperienced for the majors, no way does he belong on the big league club. Where’s are ready for prime time phenom Castro? In double A. Maybe he would have caught up to the pop up behind short that Therirot couldn’t catch?? Well, we may not know until July or next year. Off to another great start, riding on the shoulders of our “Ace”, if Pinella had any Steve Stones he would have given the season opener to a more deserving pitcher like Dempster or even Wells, that would stirred things up!! Nope, Hendry signed Zambrano for over 90 mil and declared him the teams ace so that’s how it goes. Blah, blah, blah.

One down a bunch more to go. Quit crying, if you’re a true Cubs fan you should be used to it. After the year before last when I was convinced the Cubs were going to win it all, I decided to not fall for it again. There’s always next year!! LOL

Yet another requirement to be a “true” Cubs fan. Some would say (I’m not) that if you’re true Cubs fan you would be used to the crying. We are all true Cubs fans in individual ways, expressing ourselves in individual ways, some of us cry, some of us crack wise, and some of us evidently tell others how to be a true Cubs fan. We may not all share one opinion, but we are all true Cubs fans wanting only positive results for our team and when we are fed line after line after line of the same old same old…it gets old. Especially the frustrating personel decisions that obviously and dramatically state that the best player doesn’t always play, the money and contracts carry the weight.

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