4/5 Butler vs. Duke vs. Cubs

Cubs manager Lou Piniella sent a note of encouragment to Butler basketball coach Brad Stevens prior to Monday night’s National Championship game against Duke.

“I sent the coach at Butler a little note, wishing him well,” Piniella said.

Does Piniella know Stevens?

“No, but I heard he was a Cubs fan,” Piniella said.

So is Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski. Piniella didn’t know that. Plus, Coach K took a little dig at the Cubs in a recent comment. He was asked about the current Duke team living up to the standards of past teams:

“For a while when I dated my wife, I had trouble living up to the expectations of her former boyfriend,” Krzyzewski said. “Just judge poeple for who they are right now. We’re not the Yankees, we’re not, thank goodness, the Cubs. It’s different. It’s college, just give them an opportunity.”

Piniella was forgiving.

“Cubs fans are Cubs fans,” Piniella said. “First things first, and let’s see if we can play a good ballgame here today and get off to a good start.”

— Carrie Muskat

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