4/5 Good vibe

It was a nice moment when Lou Piniella took the lineup card out to home plate to exchange it with Atlanta’s Bobby Cox who is retiring after this season. It was even nicer for the Cubs fans at Turner Field when Marlon Byrd hit a three-run homer in the first off Derek Lowe.

Piniella has been on World Series champions in the past. Can he tell if a team will make it in Spring Training?

“Can you tell? You get a feeling,” Piniella said Monday. “There are so many things that happen during the course of the year from staying healthy to getting players from the Minor League system who can help if there are injuries to having really good performances from people. As a team, you should feel confident that you can win.

“Can you really tell about the World Series? I don’t really think so. Once you’ve won once, you feel better. There aren’t that many repeat winners any more. I like our team here. We have a chance to do some really nice things this summer. We’ve just got to stay after it.”

— Carrie Muskat

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Can someone please tell me, without apologizing for him, how in the name of all things Cubs, is Carlose Zambrano still considered an ace? I just do not get it!

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