4/6 Blog tracker

Thanks to loyal followers who have kept with this blog, even though the new format on Cubs.com has made it a little more challenging to find. The production folks are working out the design kinks so my entries and Marlon Byrd’s new blog will be easier to find.

— Carrie Muskat


Thanks Carrie! You are now my official source of Cubs news!

Thanks for keeping up the great work on this blog.

I’m glad to hear they’re making it easier to find. It took me a minute or two, but now it’s in my favorites! 🙂

Carrie, I check your blog multiple times a day, everyday. I have it bookmarked, and Byrds as well. It’s all good! GO CUBS!!

I do hope they make your blog easier to find, Carrie. I mean, how will I know if joeydafish ever acts on his secret love for Jim Hendry?

I’d hate to lose joeydafish

Im with cubman….best blog in all of baseball by far Thanks for all your hard work. When was the last time the cubs were swept to start the year?

Worst start ever was 1997 when they began 0-14. You won’t see a repeat of that. Keep in mind that in 2008, the Cubs also started 0-2 and went on to win an NL-best 97 games. The NY Yankees began last season 0-2 and won the World Series. Take a deep breath, folks.

The last time the Cubs were swept to start the season was in 1997. They opened at Florida and lost three, then lost three in Atlanta before coming home to Wrigley where they dropped six in a row (Florida – 2, Atlanta – 2, Colorado 2). The Cubs then traveled to New York, dropped the first two games against the Mets and finally ended the skid on April 20.

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