4/8 Colvin gets 1st ML homer

Tyler Colvin may make it hard to keep him out of the lineup. He made his first start of 2010 in left field on Thursday and hit his first Major League homer with one out in the second off Atlanta’s Tommy Hanson. Colvin apparently has picked up where he left off this spring. He ranked third in the Major Leagues with a .468 average. Lou Piniella has said Xavier Nady will get a start Friday in Cincinnati. It’s early, but it’ll be interesting to see if Colvin gets one, too.

— Carrie Muskat


Good to see Lou DOES have the baseballs to stay true to his word and get Colvin a start at the expense of Sorryohno. Colvin should be playing on a reugular basis rotating from left to right fields while the over the hill Sorryohno and the o.k. but not “as advertised” Fukodome sit. Although, wouldn’t it be nice to see an everyday outfield of Colvin in left Byrd in center and Fukodome in right? Did anybody notice how Colvin slid, backhanded a ball in the gap headed to the wall? I think he prevented a triple. No way Sorryohno gets to it let alone prevents it from reaching the wall. He would have loped over and played it off the wall allowing the runner to get to at least 3rd base. Funny how the two players that were not intentionally on the big league team were the ones to help get the Cubs their first victory of the season. Colvin made it near impossible for Hendry to overlook, too much of an embarrassment to leave in the minors and Wells was last year’s afterthought “fill-in” pitcher when Zambrano was hurting. Funny how young but talented players can help the big league team even without eons of minor league experience. Imagine this team with Castro at short…it certainly would be more exciting, no knock on Theriot but Hendry’s BLACK HOLE at second base (since the DeRosa embarrassment) is already rearing it’s ugly head. Castro at short with Theriot at second would be a much improved, steady line up. They should call the kid up and forget about the Baker-Fontenot-Baker-Fontenot revolving door at 2B. It’s ovious, isn’t it?

Carrie – I’m just always curious when this happens but did they recover Colvin’s actual first home run ball for him or even the supposed ball that was thrown back on the field?

With the players we have – Colvin/Byrd/Fukodome, that’s the outfield that I like to see starting. It was great to see Hill behind the plate in the first series. I hope Theriot gets out of the funk in the top spot of the batting order.

Joeydafish – couldn’t agree with you more. And your comment on Pinella’s “baseballs” is exactly my thought/question regarding Jim Hendry and his “baseballs”. Does Hendry REALLY have winning as the number one goal – or is his goal about saving face with the albatross that is the Sorryohno (love that spelling) contract?! I dont blame Hendry for going after Sorryohno because at the time – it was the move to make. I blame him for committing to the ridiculous number of years which I dont think weren’t needed to land him. But nonetheless – I dont think its a question of “if” or a matter of opinion – but rather of objective statistical data that Tyler Colvin starting in place on a regular basis over Sorryohno gives the Cubs the better chance to win. Colvins defensive play that you pointed out is a matter of at least one run yesterday – maybe more – and that many less pitches need to be thrown by Wells. Sorryohno does NOT make that play with most likely ends up with Wells having to throw 10? 20? 30? more pitches in the game and again – at the very least 1 run scored. So my question to Jim Hendry is do you have the stones to allow Pinella to sit/play the best lineup DESPITE the end result quite possibly being your highest paid players on the bench on a regular basis? If the Ricketts would allow the Cubs to eat A LOT of money – both Sorryohno and The Cubs would be so much better served trading Sorryohno to an American league team where he could DH. Sorryohno CAN still hit and give a team a respectable 25 to 30 HRS and 80 to 100 Rsbi – but he does not give this team what it needs which is making contact enough to keep rallies alive and playing even adequate defense to keep runs off the board and helping pitchers from being over worked.

ssandberg1, right on my friend, nice to know I’m not alone. I have to say that Lou’s baseballs must trump Hendry’s baseballs in what could be Lou’s Little Big Horn. If Lou can only think of the payroll PER TEAM and not per player, he can then think of the millions of dollars Hendry un-wisley spent on Sorryohno (thanks for the love) as money spent on LEFT FIELD regardless of the player, allowing him to play the player with the most ability to contribute to making the World Series and until Andre Dawson is cloned and hands the Cubs ANOTHER contract with a fill-in-the blank amount that player is Colvin. Of course even if a great player offered Hendry a blank contract I’m afraid he’d still wind up overpaying him. It’s just Hendry’s way. Too much money, too many years equals handicapped team. And I agree about going after Sorryohno when needed for maybe 3 years, then we wouldn’t be getting the torches and pitchforks out readying to storm Hendry’s LABORITY of insanely, inhumane creations of an outfield let alone roster.
I’ll give him some credit for FINALLY landing somebody that brings more to the game than just a lead glove and some occassional power in Byrd. Regardless of the outcome of this season, whether or not Hendry escapes scrutiny by a miraculous play-off appearance, for the love of the baseball Gods please let this be his last season as GM.

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