4/9 Silva misses chance for 1st "W"

Carlos Silva deserved better Friday night. The right-hander was pulled after throwing 71 pitches over six innings against the Reds because of soreness in his shoulder. He apparently hurt it when he fell off the mound trying to get a grounder in the fourth.

“The only thing I was doing today as the same thing I did in Spring Training was try to use all my pitches and try to command my pitches,” Silva said. “Before I came to the field I was a little nervous. The only thing I tried to put in my mind was the catcher’s glove and you. You and the catcher’s glove, and forget about everything else.”

Rookie Esmailin Caridad served up a grand slam in the eighth inning as the Reds beat the Cubs, 5-4. Lou Piniella will be able to tweak the pitching staff once Ted Lilly returns. The left-hander was scheduled to make his next to last Minor League start on Sunday for Triple-A Iowa. Silva’s role is not in jeopardy.

“He did his job,” Piniella said of the right-hander. “He pitched very well. We’ve had three really nice starts in a row and we’ve won one ballgame. That’s not good.”

The players know it.

“It’s hard — we should be 3-1 right now,” Silva said. “I think we’re playing good enough. This is hard because later on, you’re going to need these wins, especially in this division.”

— Carrie Muskat


That sez it all…the Cubs should be three and one right now. That was just terrible what the bullpen did to both Silva and Dempster. Let’s go Cubs get it together…get some relief pitching.

It would help if the offense could score a few more runs to support their starters. Last three games: 2, 2, 4. Yeah, the bullpen blew it. But that’s not good enough O.

Good day, Carrie, bad night Cubs! Once again the fans will have to endure management’s lack of insight and off-season trading ability. The collective “WE” have realized for three years that outside of Soriano’s inconsistency at the bat, but consistent poor play in the outfield, the biggest problem facing the Cubs is relief pitching. Beyond the 6th inning we have no one that can get the job done. Jim Hendry ought to be ashamed. Hendry’s poor performance as a GM certainly doesn’t give this Cub’s fan much to look forward to…again, this year. Thank God! Lou has decided to play Tyler Colvin — which ought to suggest bringing up a few more from TripleA. And finally, when are Cubs fans, management, and the rest of world realize that Carlos Zambrano as a #1 starting pitcher is a delusion. He ought to be traded. Nothing but a glorified batting practice pitcher.

Not an excuse for Caridad just an observation, I thought the umpire sqeezed the kid on more than one vital pitch. Yeah he blew it but he has shown some good composure and still deserves a solid spot in the pen. It also may have helped to get a visit from someone other than your third baseman (like…THE MANAGER?) to instill some confidence. I agree with all 45cubfan stated. Time to for this NEW ownership to DO SOMETHING NEW and that is cut bait with Hendry, eat a lot of money to rid the roster of a few players that have little to offer a contending team. I mean, if he can trade Bradley and “eat a lot of money” by taking on Silva’s contract then it must be done for Soriano and possibly Zambrano, Soriano for sure. I now that the Cubs “came into some cash” in the Bradley for Silva trade and to some it makes Hendry look like a genius for “correcting” his own mistake. That’s a smoke screen, Hendry blew the entire 2009 season by getting Bradley, creating a black hole at second by trading DeRosa and at the same time may have blown the 2010 season by the ripple effect of his 2009 moves. We’ve got the same situation at SS as we do in the outfield but for some reasone Theriot remains the better choice over Castro? We have zero RBI chance at the top of the order. If Lou can squeeze Colvin in somehow (a very good idea!!) at the sake of Soriano, Byrd and Fukodome then he should be able to squeeze in Castro not at the sake of just Theriot but also Baker and Fontenot. Castro at SS Fontenot/Theriot a platooon at 2B and Baker the super sub. That’s it. Now do it Ricketts…YOU CAN DOOOOOOOO IT!!!!!

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