4/12 Home sweet home, Part II

Marlon Byrd had never seen the Cubs’ home clubhouse before so he couldn’t gauge what a difference there was after an offseason of renovations. But Xavier Nady had peeked inside. He liked the new and improved digs.

“As a visitor, I’ve visited the clubhouse and saw the weight room,” Nady said. “What they’ve already done for us with the amenities inside the clubhouse, whether it’s the kitchen or the weight room or the lounge, it’s very generous. It makes you comfortable as a player. Hopefully, we can do our part by winning some games.”

Byrd said he never knew the Rangers’ had a players’ lounge at their home park because the clubhouse was so big.

“I know the guys are loving the changes they made [at Wrigley],” Byrd said. “As long as we’re playing baseball, we’re fine.”

Ryan Dempster noticed that not everything had been upgraded when he walked into the interview room after the game.

“They didn’t make this any bigger,” Dempster said.

Nope. Maybe next year.

— Carrie Muskat



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