4/14 D-Lee expects to be in lineup Thursday

Derrek Lee received a cortisone shot in his right thumb on Monday and said he expected to be back in the Cubs’ lineup Thursday.

“I’ll be in there tomorrow,” Lee said.

Lee actually injured his thumb on April 5, Opening Day, in Atlanta, when he dove for a ball. He prefers not to discuss any aches or pains.

“I don’t like revealing my weaknesses,” Lee said, laughing.

— Carrie Muskat


This team will go no where as long as Soriano is on this team. I have heard all the excuses for him from the Media and enough is enough. This is one of the worst deals ever made and it is time for management to bite the bullet and just eat this salary. Perhaps someone would be interested in him in the American League where he could be a DH. It is time to give Colvin the job in left field!!!
Also, it was suggested that if all Cub fans sent in a dollar that his contract could be bought out and my family and I will gladly send five dollars.
In due respect to Mr. Soriano, it is time to move on.
Thank you, Bob Gibbons, Hustisford, Wisconsin Cub Fan 58 years!!!!

cubboxer, I would only contribute money to such an endeaver if the total amount raised would also be enough to pay off Hendry’s contract as well and send him packing. I’m concerned that the Ricketts may not be letting Hendry go anytime soon but may if us fans offered our hard earned cash to help get rid of both Hendry and Soriano leaving the Ricketts’ “hard earned” cash for more noble expenses such as replacing the troths and hanging full color giant banners of players past and present…it may just happen, not.

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