4/15 Big Z's pitch count

Carlos Zambrano was pulled after throwing 121 pitches in five innings on Thursday. That’s his highest pitch count since he threw 130 on May 28, 2008, over eight innings against the Dodgers. That year, Zambrano topped 100 pitches in 18 games and also threw 125 over seven innings on July 24 against the Marlins.

The Cubs’ athletic trainers checked on Zambrano twice in the fifth inning during Jeff Suppan’s at-bat, and when pulled they made Big Z drink a lot of Gatorade in the dugout.

— Carrie Muskat


Zambrano still does not know how to pitch. He has great stuff but Zambrano needs to think.

Give brewers hitters some credit. They fouled off some tough pitches today. Then you throw in a tight strike zone and all the sudden he is going 3-2 on every hitter. His stuff was moving and he didnt go crazy on some bad defense and tight strike zone. He wasnt nearly as bad as the numbers showed today.

I’ll agree with mlbfanwi on today’s performance but still think Zambrano is only thought of as a great pitcher by Hendry and would be considered a number 3 starter for most of the other contending ball clubs. But today’s loss was a team effort more so than Big Z’s fault.

I want to say this early enough before all the Hendry defenders get on my case about being one of the biggest anti-Hendry fans around…If and it’s a big IF, Silva continous to pitch the way he has Hendry will have pulled off one of the greatest fleecings in Cubs history, Bradley for Silva won’t be near enough to make up for DeRosa leaving, Sorryohno’s contract, Fukodome’s contract, Zambrano’s contract, Gregg, Miles (oh boy, here I go…) etc but it will be seen as a great move to counteract his earlier blunder of signing Bradley to begin with. Enough for him to retain his job? Based on how foolishly he spends his employer’s money…NO WAY.

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