4/15 Byrd's blast in 4th

Whoever measures the home run distance at Wrigley Field shortchanged Marlon Byrd. He hit a blast to straightaway center, just to the right of the TV camera booth in the fourth. The scoreboard flashed 415 feet, but it was easily 445. It was Byrd’s third homer of the season. He didn’t hit his third last year until May 29, his 39th game.

— Carrie Muskat

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Not only THAT…but the player on base was none other than Ilseeya Sorryohno’s replacement, Colvin, who at the time got his second hit proving to Lou that it’s more than just an occassional homer that can score a run, it’s base hits IN FRONT of the homers that scores multiple runs.
I want to start a Colvin For Left Field campaign with “LEAVE’M IN LOU!” as the rally cry. Plus Colving caught a ball just in front of the warning track and we all know that Ilseeya Sorryohno would have PLAYED THE ANGLE OFF THE TURF!

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