4/15 D-Lee ejected

Derrek Lee was ejected in the seventh inning Thursday for arguing a called third strike with home plate umpire Angel Campos. Lee was caught looking at a pitch from Milwaukee’s Carlos Villanueva, who struck out the side.

— Carrie Muskat


It was a strike. Not cool D. Lee.

When are the Cubs going to get a real SS. Theriot is weak in the field. He has the weakest arm at SS in the majors.

michael, they already have a real ss, Castro and he’s stuck in AA ball. The real and only question is when are the Cubs going to get a real GM?

With Soriano struggling in the field, which I know Piniella has made late game changes by putting Colvin in there. Why wouldn’t he consider moving Soriano back to 2nd and putting Colvin in left field?

Soriano is worse at 2nd than he is in left. Im not sure but want to say he had close 100 errors in 800 starts. I know it was something that made you wonder why he ever palyed there.

Do my eyes decieve me? Has all this lack of defense and late inning replacement talk gotten to Sorryohno? He actually caught a ball and came in contact with the wall??
AND doubled in the same game?? Good for Sorry!! Note to Lou: STILL PULL HIM FOR THE LATE INNINGS. Accidents happen.

MLBFAN, never looked at it like that, you made a good point. So there is no where to hide him. Maybe it’s just my opinion, but I think Colvin needs to be on the field.

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