4/15 Jackie Robinson Day lineup

Derrek Lee is back in the Cubs lineup Thursday and will be wearing No. 42. So will everyone else on the field. The players and coaching staff wear No. 42 to honor Jackie Robinson’s contribution to the game. Also, rookie Tyler Colvin is starting in left, but Lou Piniella said don’t read anything into that. Colvin isn’t starting because Alfonso Soriano misplayed a ball on Wednesday; Piniella wants Colvin to get at-bats.

Here’s the lineup:

SS Theriot

RF Fukudome

1B Lee

3B Ramirez

LF Colvin

CF Byrd

2B Fontenot

C Soto

P Zambrano

— Carrie Muskat


Yes, but he’s starting for Soriano…not Byrd another right handed outfielder. It’s on. It also says a lot about what Lou thinks of Colvin’s offensive ability, batting him fifth “protecting” Ramirez with Byrd protecting Colvin. Why do I get the feeling that Lou wouldn’t lose any sleep over Soriano going on the DL??? Hey, hey now don’t read into that, I am not advocating Soriano gets HURT, I said going on the DL…there’s a difference. More mysterious “injuries” have occurred in the past. It could save face for Soriano to “recover” in the minor leagues while he gets some practice in and also buy Hendry (cue the clown horn) some time to pull off the least costly trade.

…speaking of trade, wouldn’t it be awesome if Boston would take a gamble on Soriano as a DH, going for the ex-yankee factor? I would take ANY minor leaguers offerred the Cubs and pay MORE than half of Soriano’s salary to pull off a trade with the BoSox. Carriew, who is their DH by the way?

isnt big papi the dh?

I think you’re right mlbfanwi, allright on to plan B….

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