4/15 Still looking for 8th inning solution

Carlos Marmol threw the best Lou Piniella has seen the right-hander throw on Wednesday when he struck out the side in the Brewers ninth. Why?

“Because he’s nice and rested,” Piniella said of his closer, who was used as a set-up pitcher the previous three seasons. “He doesn’t have to overthrow.”

But could Marmol go two innings? The Cubs are having some trouble finding a pitcher to shut opponents down in the eighth.

“I think very few guys in baseball — very, very few — can do that eighth and ninth inning and pitch with any regularity at all,” Piniella said. “We have to solve our eighth inning solution. Marmol, with two outs in the eighth to get a dangerous hitter out, yeah, why not?”

Piniella isn’t necessarily expecting one of the other right-handers in the pen to step up, and said John Grabow and Sean Marshall will be called upon for that role.

Don’t be surprised to see Marmol going three games in a row.

“We can use him three days in a row — why not?” Piniella said. “Billy Martin used to use pitchers 15 days in a row. What you have to worry about is pitch counts. If pitch counts are heavy. If you have three easy innings of 10, 12, 15 pitches and you need him to save a game on the fourth day, why not?”

— Carrie Muskat


I guess we have to suffer with Smardnot and Growsbut until Lilly gets back I hope it will be sooner than later. The two pitchnots I just mentioned shoul be tarred and feathered and sent to the low minors to learn how to pitch.

Samardzija after yesterdays outing……… 2 Innings / 2 H / 2 ER / 2 BB / 1 K / 1 HR

“I thought I threw pretty good today,” Samardzija said. “It was just that walk, a two-out walk, you can’t do it. You have to make them put it in play there, especially a guy who can run pretty well. That pitch to Braun, if I just get it out over the plate, he might pop it up. I thought I threw some pretty good pitches — you just have to take that next step.”

Samardzija after game 1……. 1/3 Inning / 2 H / 6 R (4 ER) / 3 BB / 1 K

“I threw some pretty good pitches there that just missed,” Samaritan said. “Hopefully, we can bring them back on the corner.”

I hate to see what happens when hey says he didn’t pitch “pretty good”.

And just for good measure….

Through Thursday’s game, the Cubs have been outscored 13-5 in the eighth inning.

Nuff Said

Hahah…i was thinking that too. Whats funny is he gives up two runs over two innings and thinks its a great day. Maybe he thinks if he says he had a good day enough he might shock us all and have a good day. But i dream…sounds like a guy who is going to lovely Iowa in a few weeks.

Does anybody else notice the Cubs giving Samardjia many more opportunities and chances than say Caridad over the years? Or maybe some other young guys? Is it because he was such a costly/high pick? You betcha! The pressure is definatley on Hendry/Cubs TO MAKE SAMARDJIA succceed or they will look foolish yet again. I’m all for Samardjia’s success and commend Hendry for bringing him up two years ago, again last year…but NOW can’t they see with this particular pitcher’s limited pitches and skill it WOULD MAKE SENSE to leave him in AAA for another year? No, instead they leave Castro in AA…go figure. Some guys get a lot of opportunities (Samarjdia, Patterson) while others like Fuld get a small opportunity in a limited role and are deemed a failure. I know we have Colvin for left field but I wonder what the team would do if Byrd was in left with Fuld in center leading off with Theriot batting two? What do they have to lose by trying to recapture a little of the Dernier/Sandberg early days?

Samardzija is Hendry’s pet $10M project so they keep running him out there hoping he finally gets it. Well he won’t as long as he only has one pitch and cannot locate it. Agree he needs at least another year in the minors working on other pitches. They thought he had one last year, but must have lost it during the off season. May the best thing is for him to enter the NFL draft next week.

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