4/15 Thanks

Thanks to everyone who reads/follows this blog. We were ranked No. 1 among MLB.com writers for March. Either joeydafish has a lot of friends and family who are clicking on, or there are hundreds others out there reading. It’s very much appreciated.

I’m still trying to make it easier to find the blog. And check out Marlon Byrd’s “Byrds Nest.”

— Carrie Muskat



You’re welcome and am glad I am doing my part. Keep the reports coming they keep us on our toes. And yes, I have my friends and family…he,he…

If you click on “More Headlines” at the bottom of what’s called the headline stack on the front of cubs.com, you’ll be directed to a page with the most recent news items and in the middle, you’ll see my last name (which is a link to this blog) and Byrd’s last name, which is link to his blog. There will be an update today.

Carrie, Does that mean a pay raise is coming your way? By the way it looks like everyone is really having fun out there. I didnt see alot of that last year, is it me or do think theres some truth to that?

Where can I read Marlon’s blog? I have looked all over the Cubs website and can’t find it. Help!!!!

Great Job Muskat

You and your blog rock! I read you rather than the cubs news page anymore. It takes some time to get to the Cubs news page and read all of that, so I usually only do that when Piniella makes a trip to the mound. Always plenty of time then!
Seriously, he has to be setting some sort of record with his “Piniella Shuffle.”

I am 80 years old and I have no trouble finding your blog. I read it everyday. I enjoy it very much.

Atta boy/girl mmordo!!!! Hey, are you available to be the Cubs GM? I mean if you can find Carrie’s blog you have to be sharper than Hendry!!!

There are several blogs about the Cubs, but most of them are just a chance for people to vent their opinions, and show how very little they know about the Cubs or baseball. At least your blog is more professional, and closer to reality than the others. Anyone can have a blog, nowadays, but being close to the team makes your blog better.

Can you make it easier to find Marlon Byrd’s blog too? I can’t find that one at all except through the main MLB.com page.

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