4/19 Best/worst Cubs trades

A new book rates the best and worst Cubs trades of the 20th century. According to “Traded: Inside the Most Lopsided Trades in Baseball History,” the Cubs ranked 12th of all teams. Author Doug Decatur uses “Win Shares,” a statistic developed by baseball guru Bill James to determine how many wins a player contributes to his team, to rank the 306 most lopsided trades.

Here are the top five positive lopsided trades for the Cubs:

1982 Ryne Sandberg for Ivan DeJesus
1966 Ferguson Jenkins for Larry Jackson
1992 Sammy Sosa for George Bell
1995 Luis Gonzalez for Rick Wilkins
1918 Pete Alexander for Mike Prendergast

Here are the Cubs’ five worst lopsided trades:

1989 Mitch Williams for Rafael Palmeiro
1964 Ernie Broglio for Lou Brock
1934 Don Hurst for Dolph Camilli
1983 Steve Trout for Scott Fletcher
1939 Cash for Harry Brecheen

— Carrie Muskat


best Milton Bradley for just about anyone… or the worst Mark DeRosa for whoever we got

I can’t remember who the Cubs picked up from the White Sox, but Jon Garland was sent to the South Siders

What about Choi for D. Lee? Or whoever for Ramirez?

Yeah.. i have disagreements with some of these as well…
I agree with “coop117” on the Gonzalez trade, Luis really didn’t do much for us…
Aramis Ramirez MUST be on this list of great Cub trades!
And you can make a case for D-Lee as well…
Here’s another… Todd Hundley for Karros and Grudzielanek
great trade that helped but us in the playoffs in ’03.
On the worst trades…
Say what you want about Mitch for Raffy, but we received several pieces to the ’89 division winners with that one… yes it hurt us long-term…but i wouldn’t call it one of the worst.
I think Trout for Fletcher is silly to be on this list…. Fletch was a solid SS, but where would we have played him? We had Bowa, with Dunston on the way.. Trout had a couple of good seasons until a bad trade with the Yankees after he threw back-to-back shutouts in ’87.

I think the Cubs are gonna come to regret trading Jake Fox, I thought that was a huge mistake for the Cubs to trade him away.

The Cubs traded Bobby Hill for Ramirez if I remember correctly. I don’t see how the Steve Trout-Scott Fletcher trade was on there. Trout had some decent years with the Cubs. Besides Shawon Dunston was a pretty decent shortstop, that is the position Fletcher would have had. I also so not see how Luis Gonzales for Rick Wilkens is on there. Luis did not turn awesome until he left the Cubs.

23cub, while the DeRosa trade seemed like a bad move considering how last years season turned out, it is too early to tell whether it was a good or bad trade. Definitely not the worst of all time. We actually got three pretty decent pitchers in the deal.
John Gaub: 1.72ERA, 1.05WHIP in Iowa last year.
Jeff Stevens: 2.03, 1.04WHIP in Iowa.
Chris Archer: 2.81ERA, 1.32WHIP in 26 starts in Peoria last year.
Gaub and Stevens could be pretty decent relievers and Archer, whose only 20, has real good stuff and could develop into a pretty decent pitcher in the future.

The worst trade ever in Cubs history is Mr. Pay Check for Mr. Jim Hendry, and what makes it even more excruciating is like the movie Groundhog Day it probably happens every two weeks??

Baumholtz and Sauer not on list???

Joe Carter trade, was multi player trade but still should be onlist 06-13-1984: Traded by Chicago Cubs (with Mel Hall and Don Schulze) to Cleveland Indians for Rick Sutcliffe, George Frazier and Ron Hassey. I agree with Lee but Rameriz was another dump multiplayer deal which could still be on list.

I can’t remember who the Cubs picked up from the White Sox, but Jon Garland was sent to the South Siders! Agree!

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Wasn’t Chris Archer included in the Garza trade?

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