4/20 Ballhawks, the movie

“Ballhawks,” a feature documentary narrated by actor Bill Murray which tells the story of the folks who have chased baseballs outside Wrigley Field will premiere in Chicago May 28-30. The film, produced and directed by Mike Diedrich, will be shown at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago. “This is a very unique film that deals with a side of the sporting world most people don’t even know exists,” said executive producer Joel Murray. Former Cubs third baseman Ron Santo is featured as are ballhawks legends like Moe, Dave, Andy, Rich and George. If you’ve ever been outside Wrigley along Waveland Avenue during a game, you know who they are. For more info, go to www.ballhawksmovie.com

— Carrie Muskat


Bummed not to be IN the documentary.

-Zack Hample (4,381 baseballs and counting…)

Zack : The Movie is about Ballhawks at Wrigley , not beggars in New York. By the way , are you donating anything to charity this year or just begging others to so and taking credit ?

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