4/20 Castro helps Smokies

Starlin Castro hit a two-run homer to help Tennessee beat Carolina, 6-5, on Tuesday. The Smokies now are 10-2. Chris Carpenter, making his first start off the DL, gave up one run on two hits over three innings.

— Carrie Muskat


I have said all along not to bring him up, hes only 20, but after watching this cubs team and what a spark these young guys have brought other teams why not? Play him every day at short, play Theriot at 2nd and see what happens. Cant be worse than what we have seen so far this year.

Yes it can be worse… Theriot’s figures are worse than the platoon at Second Base. If you bring him up it is instead of Theriot not as well as.

I disagree. Right now Theriot isnt hitting but he will. Font and Baker are at a platoon for a reason. Because they go into major slumps. If Castro came up Theriot would be playing 2nd. Your not going to bench Theriot who has hit .300 (or close too .300) the last two years over two guys who have a hard time hitting past April.

Well…..I don’t understand why Lou sent Castro down,in the first place ? Colvin was kept because of hitting 400 + in st. Castro was hitting 400+ also ! I don’t get what Lou sees in Fontenot…..Mikey is NOT a starter Lou ! Call Castro back up and let him play SS and move Theriot to 2nd and then…..Leave them alone to play. Also….Put Colvin in LF in place of Soriano. Then go to work on fixing the bullpen thing. Bottom line Lou…..Choose your starters and then play them….Forget about all this resting players and Please…Please get this Righty, Lefty thing out of your head !!

mlbfanwi and cubsheyhey…where do I sign up?? You guys are right on (as usual mlbnfanwi). Lou is already beginning to flounder with a line up, lead-off hitter etc. With Castro at SS and Theriot at 2B I think some stability and DECISIVENESS would be added to this starving team. They lack direction caused by both Hendry (for sure) and now Lou. And although Theriot may not be a premiere middle infielder he at 2B on a daily basis would be the best OPTION THE CUBS HAVE, leaving both Fontenot and Baker on the bench where they beolong waiting to play their role!! Come on Lou, this isn’t rocket science, don’t “tweak” anymore with the line up/roster….ROCK IT!!! Or bring in Brenly as interim manager until Ryno is here in 2011, Brenly would have pulled Soriano after turning a triple into a double.

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