4/20 Ramirez: I'm trying to do too much

Aramis Ramirez is scuffling. He’s batting .145 and leading the team in strikeouts with 19, adding two more on Tuesday.

“I haven’t gotten the job done,” Ramirez said after the Cubs’ 4-0 loss to the Mets. “No excuses. I’m 100 percent. I just have to keep working and try to get out of it.”

And all the strikeouts?

“I’m not seeing the ball good right now,” Ramirez said. “I’m swinging at too many bad pitches. You can’t hit when you do that. My last at-bat, I swung at two changes in the dirt. You can’t hit that. I just have to stay focused and get some better pitches to hit.”

Ramirez said he isn’t trying to make up for the team’s lackluster hitting, just his own problems at the plate.

“I’m not hitting — I’m trying to do too much and trying to hit a four-run homer with nobody on base,” he said. “You just have to get back to the basics, see the ball, hit the ball and see what happens.”

Lou Piniella can’t figure out what’s going on with his cleanup hitter and hinted he may give him a day off.

“I haven’t seen him strike out that much,” Piniella said. “He usually makes pretty good contact.”

Ramirez is a career .286 hitter, who has been the Cubs’ most consistent batter in the clutch. Could he be pressing?

“I don’t know why you need to press in April,” Piniella said. “It becomes a long season if you start pressing in April.”

— Carrie Muskat


Hinting at a day off!!! Anyone who has watched the games would have gave it too him week ago!! Now you have 3 lefties in the next 4 games. Today was the day you should have done it. Aramis is one of my favorite cubs but he is killing us right now and Lou keeps throwing him out there. I know its only 14 games in but how big of hole do you want to dig this early in the season?

The biggest problem right now is Lou Piniella.

Why keep Chad Tracy and not play him?

Ramirez needs to go down to AAA for a fortnight and get back in some kind of a groove. If he can’t be optioned, send him to Mesa to rehabilitate and to have the batting practice that he opted out of in Spring training. I recall he decided to miss quite a bit which Lou accepted due to Aramis knowing what was best for himself… he clearly doesn’t.

So much is made of the outstanding bench this year – which is admittedly an upgrade on last year – but we need a manager brave enough to drop big names who aren’t hitting. Ramirez’s funk is spreading.

We need a positive manager with positive actions not “what can I do…?”

I was all for the hire of Jaramillo but he hasn’t showed me anything yet. I know it’s ultimately on the hitters but some adjustment has to be made because no one on the team is hitting!

AAA for a FORTNIGHT?? I play vintage baseball (1858 rules) and even we have dropped the word fortnight. That’s funny. At least Ramirez isn’t killing us with his glove like Soriano does. Jaramillo was a lame attempt by Hendry “to do something”, it was the only way he could “make a splash” because he tied his own hands regarding adding players so he added a big name coach instead. Jaramillo is just as good or better than hitting coach but as with all hitting coaches it remains a challenge to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. Sow? Forthnight? Ye gads! Regardless of the “improved bench” Lou has limited options, Chad Tracy” Jeff Baker? Both fine bench playerS but to rely on them replacing a starter so early in the season shows signs of a club on the downturn. I do agree however that it may be time for Lou to be replaced with Ryno, Theriot to be replaced with Castro, Soriano to be replaced with Colvin, and Hendry to be replaced with Bozo. Send in the clowns…don’t bother…THEY’RE HERE.

I feel like the fire just isn’t there. It’s not in Lou and it’s not in the players. Can someone tell me why Castro is in AA and not AAA at least? I think they have got to bring him up. He proved himself this spring and he actually made Theriot a better hitter because of the competition. If they brought him up, I think the competition would be back and Theriot would get back on track.

Apologies re.fortnight. I’m a Cubs mad Brit (from Wales), who forgot it’s an alien / olde term over there.

I’ll be over in mid May for the first of my four annual long weekend pilgrimages to Wrigley… I just hope we’ve hit out of this collective funk by then!

Re. replacing Ramirez so early, his head isn’t there at the moment. Give Tracy a week at 3rd base – he can’t bat much worse than .145

Cheerio!(?) I thought forntnight was great. Can’t disagree with you about Tracy not hitting worse than .145, either way it’s pretty sad. I would just rather see Ram get out of his funk with less than a week off. But Lou should give Tracy the occassional start at 3B and 1B to keep him active and ready. Sure, the bench is better than last year but is it because last year’s bench was awful or this year’s bench is very good??? Good bench yet still some puzziling choices by Hendry. Nady, Tracy and Baker with limited playing time and no true defensive outfielder, no speed…very one dimensional hand-tying bench. Typical of Hendry to lack the forsight to have defense and speed in order to make things happen, create some scoring threats, keep close games in hand etc. Pull the plug on this guy already. Who’s doing better than Soriano? Angel Pagan with the Mets, Hendry saw no value/potential in him, Who’s doing better than Tracy/Baker or even Ramirez for that matter? Casey McGhee with the Brewers, former Cub, Hendry saw no value/potential in him. I know I’m reaching with some examples but hey, unless a player can millions of dollars Hendry doesn’t think they can play well? I don’t think Pagan or McGhee are making millions. Hell, I’d rather have Edmonds in left field, at his hage he’s still a better fielder and hitter than Soriano while making a ton less cash.

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