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There’s been talk about speeding up the pace of Major League games. Umpires have denied some players’ requests for time in the batter’s box to hurry things up.

“When I played, since then everything in life has speeded up, it seems,” Lou Piniella said. “I don’t know if 15 minutes makes that much of a difference. I think the quality of the games are more important than the time of the games, that people get to see good plays, competitive games. I think that’s much more important than cutting 15 minutes off a game. That’s just my feeling.

“People come to the ballpark to see great players,” he said. “They don’t come over with a time watch to see how long it took for it to materialize. As it is, when these games are on television, we’re always waiting for television to get back [from commercial break] so the game can continue.”

What’s your opinion? Should MLB make changes to speed up the game? Does it matter if the game takes 2 hours or 3 hours? Just curious.

— Carrie Muskat


When I watch and go to games, I want them to take as long as possible. I enjoy baseball and like watching as much of a game as possible. Why would watching a quick game be fun??


Baseball is never going to be a fast game to watch, so I dont think we’ll ever have to worry about it going by too quickly. I wish games would be sped up a little though and hopefully MLB is concerned about losing their audience. I watch the game because I love watching baseball, not because just to watch the athletes. I think Lou’s comments are very old school and he doesn’t seem to get the point that people change the channel because the games take too long. We TiVo programs so we can fast forward through the commercials. Its time to put a little effort into keeping an audience, but the trick is to do it without changing the nature of the game.

I’d have to say I’m kind of in the middle about this as there are some things I wouldn’t want to change but other things need to be regulated a bit better. For example, when anyone calls for time (be it at the plate or wherever), I don’t really have a problem with that. However, I think that the amount of trips to the mound in an inning need to be regulated. I’ve read how certain Yankees fired back at Joe West for his comments and about how they don’t want to have to swing at balls or make sure they attack a hitter the right way… well my answer to that is good players should have already done their homework, they should know their team’s signs, and should be able to adjust as necessary without 3 or 4 trips to the mound during a single at bat (I’m looking at you Posada!!). I also think that a pitcher shouldn’t take forever to throw his next pitch (cough, Papelbon, cough). However, I wouldn’t care if the pitcher threw over to first 10 times in an inning to cover that runner. All in all, I guess I like the game the way it is today. I think there are some things that can be tweaked, but I wouldn’t want to sacrafice anything at the core of the game.

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