4/21 A little Zambrano trivia

Carlos Zambrano’s last relief appearance was June 28, 2002, when he pitched one-third of an inning against the White Sox in a 13-9 loss. That season, Zambrano spent the first half in the bullpen and joined the rotation on July 1.

Zambrano has appeared in 263 games in his career, 242 of those as a starter. He will join the bullpen on Friday to make room for Ted Lilly and give the relievers an experienced arm.

“It gives us some power at the end of the ballgame with Zambrano and [Carlos] Marmol,” Piniella said. “That’s some firepower.”

Zambrano most likely will not have to carry the pink backpack assigned to the reliever with the least amount of service time. James Russell has pitched in just six games.

— Carrie Muskat


6 man rotation or am I the only one thinking this?

I don’t know if you are the only one thinking this but I’m not. The 5th starter already doesn’t get to pitch everytime his turn comes around and the 6th man probably would hardly ever pitch. I think this is a good move. It adds experience to the bullpen which they need very badly right now and it may help get Big Z out of this funk he’s in. Our starting pitching has been great thus far and for him to come in in the 7th and/or 8th and set it up for Mamol might just work out perfectly.

Brewha, I agree completley. At this point there is nothing to lose with something to gain. The starting staff ASIDE from Zambrano has been very good so he is not exactly needed to start right now. Plus, he has not been running on all cylinders the past year or so and a little time off from starting may not only be the one thing that hasn’t been tried yet but just may get into his head enough to actually turn him around. We now have the highest paid reliever in all of baseball and he’s not even a premier closer, we still have the most defensively challenged higest paid left fielder in all of baseball in Soriano. Great money management by Hendry. If Hendry was smart he would take advantage of Sroiano’s “hot streak” and take whatever deal Boston gives him, he may be the DH that Boston needs to get back on track. And I believe Soriano’s new found offense is a direct result from Brenly’s pulic spanking he gave him on the SCORE radio 670. Thanks Bob! And thanks Lou for making the correct choice in sending Z to the pen and not worrying about the insane contract Hendry gave Z.

Yeah, we gotta give Bob some credit here. When your announcers are calling you out, that’s bad. Reminds me of Stoney! Look, a fire was lit under Soriano and look what happened. Call them all out, put them on the spot and see what happens. When nothing is said nothing will change with these guys. They all believe they are head and shoulders above everyone else and can do what they want to do.

You could be correct brew, and maybe the “demotion” to the bullpen is Lou (finally) doing some calling out now that HE was in a way called out by Brenly??? Kind of sad when we rely on the annoncers to manage by way of interviews and commentary. Hendry, Pinella, Soriano, and Z all needed to be called out…that leaves only Hendry as the one culprit yet to be taken to task. Maybe Brenly will come up with some way of calling out Hendry for loading up this team with players better suited for the American League. Brenly may have the fortitude to remind Hendry of the NL style of play and how important defense (Soriano in left with NONE and Fuld in AAA with plenty) and throwing (Nady’s bad arm at 3 million???) and speed (see Fuld) is to a team in the NL Central. This team is not well balanced at all and has limite late inning options.

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