4/22 Big Z's plans

Carlos Zambrano, who goes to the bullpen on Saturday, threw on the side Thursday in New York to prep for his transition. Big Z said he wants to be back in the rotation by the playoffs but Piniella isn’t looking that far ahead.

“He did mention that,” Piniella said. “The playoffs are a long, long, long way away. Let’s just get through April right now. Let’s not put a time frame on it — let’s not do that.”

Could Zambrano become a closer?

“We need help in the eighth inning role right now and that’s what we’re trying to help ourselves in,” Piniella said.

— Carrie Muskat



This move suggests that Lou does not have much confidence in the Cubs offense and is looking to win some of the one and two run ball games that the bullpen lost during the first two weeks of the season. It has been agonizing to see great starting pitching wasted due to little to no run production and letdowns from the pen. Z says he wants to be back in the rotation for the playoffs? this is only the third week of the season…bottom line is that the Cubs need to start winning, Go Cubs!

The way Hendry “built” (ha ha) this season’s team with not a thought to defense or speed and the logjam that he created in the outfield with Soriano, Fukodme and Nady’s arm, Zambrano stands a better chance of pitching in the playoffs FOR ANOTHER TEAM, unless Hendry pulls his head out of the sand and does what’s needed within the next month. Byrd may be the only quality player Hendry has added to this year’s team and he is not a bonafide, flat-out centerfielder that the Cubs needed let alone lead-off man.
Byrd sure would look better in left field (or Colvin?) with somebody else in center (Colvin?) and Soriano with his lead glove and rare run production sitting on the bench hoping for a trade to an AL team to save what’s left of his carreer because he has nothing left to offer in the outfield.

But we are stuck with Soriano, Zambrano and Fukodome until somebody appears with a brain lamer than Hendry’s…

The future may be bright – and certainly there are more prospects on the horizon than for a long time – but this year is already looking ominous.

So we need to support what we have. I never understand the boos ringing out at Wrigley… they don’t improve the Cubs chance of winning and having played Rugby to a reasonable level in Wales I know that the opposition being boo-ed merely helps you to raise your own game.

By all means boo, gossip and defile on line – but once inside Wrigley remember we are all – maybe with the exception of Jim Hendry who continues to baffle – on the same side. Was Hendry born in St Louis?

We are stuck with these players on the roster but we don’t need to be stuck with them on the field. So it’s a crap shoot. Who will appear first… a manager with the brass to sit inferior players regardless of their contract in favor of players that actually PLAY BASEBALL well (is Lou showing signs of this by pulling Soriano late or sending Z to the pen?) or another team’s GM more inferior to Hendry to take some players off our hands? So far Hendry got lucky with Silva for Bradley because the Seattle GM was trading BAD for BAD, neither of those GMs would be considered a genius. I think any fans that boo at Wrigley are entitled to do it, this is a unique situation with over a century of frustration building. No cussing, cursing, slandering…just booing will do. The fans should just cheer good plays and remain silent when Soriano turns a triple (his) into a double? Or gets trapped too close to the wall and has to chase the carom practically to the infield, turning the opposition’s single into a triple? Or him completley DROPPING ROUTINE FLYBALLS? Don’t you think the fans get tired of watching the merry-go-round at 2B or the outfield as Lou struggles to find the best line-up??? I could live with being stuck with some of these bad players as there may be A CHANCE of a manager sitting them, but to be stuck with Hendry and little chance of the Ricketts firing him is too depressing.

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