4/23 Lilly a go to pitch, not run

One of the first things pitching coach Larry Rothschild probably told Ted Lilly was that the Cubs pitcher doesn’t have the green light on the base paths. The lefty tried to steal during his Minor League rehab start in Peoria and was thrown out at second. Lilly made a head-first slide. What was he doing?

“I was trying to steal second,” Lilly said Friday.


“They teach you when you’re going into the base, if there’s a play at the base, you should slide,” Lilly said.

But why, as a pitcher who is rehabbing from a shoulder injury, would you do that?

“I was trying to steal a base,” Lilly said. “I was trying to get a run for the team so our team could score more runs than the other team because if we do that, we’ll win.”

Isn’t that risky?

“Every day’s dangerous,” he said.

Lilly will be on the mound for the first time this season on Saturday in Game 2 against the Brewers. In his Minor League outing in Peoria, he threw 88 pitches over seven innings.

“The real test, I think, is going to come tomorrow,” Lilly said. “Obviously, we’ll get some questions answered. I feel good. I don’t have any reservations as to whether I should be going out there. I’m confident to go out there and I’m healthy and ready to contribute.”

Back to the stolen base. Was it a close play at second?

“It was pretty close,” Lilly said.

— Carrie Muskat

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