4/24 Numbers game

Here’s something to think about: MLBTradeRumors compiled the biggest contracts based on average annual value. The Cubs’ new set-up man is No. 10:

1. Alex Rodriguez: $27.5 million (2008-17)
2. Alex Rodriguez: $25.2 million (2001-07)
3. Joe Mauer (2011-18) and CC Sabathia (2009-15): $23 million
4. Johan Santana: $22.92 million (2008-13)
5. Manny Ramirez (2009-10) and Mark Teixeira (2009-16): $22.5 million
6. Roger Clemens: $22 million (2006)
7. Manny Ramirez (2001-08) and Roy Halladay (2011-13): $20 million
8. Miguel Cabrera: $19.04 million (2008-15)
9. Derek Jeter: $18.9 million (2001-10)
10. Carlos Zambrano: $18.3 million (2008-12)

In case you were wondering, here are the largest contracts by position:

Catcher: Joe Mauer: eight years, $184 million
(Note: the next largest among catchers is Jorge Posada’s four-year, $52.4 million deal)

First base: Mark Teixeira: eight years, $180 million

Second base: Chase Utley: seven years, $85 million

Shortstop: Alex Rodriguez: 10 years, $252 million

Third base: Alex Rodriguez: 10 years, $275 million

Outfield: Alfonso Soriano: eight years, $136 million; Vernon Wells: seven years, $126 million; Matt Holliday, seven years, $120 million.

Starting pitcher:
CC Sabathia: seven years, $161 million
Johan Santana: six years, $137.5 million
Barry Zito: seven years, $126 million
Mike Hampton: eight years, $121 million
Kevin Brown: seven years, $105 million

Relief pitcher:
Joe Nathan: four years, $47 million
Mariano Rivera: three years, $45 million

— Carrie Muskat

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