4/24 Roster move preview

The Cubs have to make a roster move prior to Saturday’s game to make room for Ted Lilly, who will be activated from the disabled list. With Carlos Zambrano going to the bullpen, the obvious move is sending a right-hander to Triple-A. Jeff Samardzija has an 18.90 ERA in four games, having given up seven earned runs on five hits and six walks over 3 1/3 innings. He is the most likely candidate. Whether Samardzija would start or be used only in relief at Iowa is not known. Among the other right-handers, Jeff Gray has given up three earned runs on six hits and two walks over five innings (5.40 ERA) and Justin Berg has given up four earned runs on six hits and three walks over seven innings (5.14 ERA).

— Carrie Muskat


Can we send them all down and bring up a brand new bullpen?

I don’t understand the need to carry so many pitchers. Three weeks of baseball and Samardzija, Gray and Caridad have combined to pitch a combined total of 11 innings! Caridad was replaced by Gray when he went on the disabled list.

These three, along with Berg, Grabow and Russell will each pitch under 60 innings this year. Therefore, the trio of Samardzija, Gray and Caridad should take only one roster spot instead of the current two (caridad is disabled) and replaced by another catcher or infielder to help the offense and for defensive manuevers.

The trio of pitchers should rotate between Chicago and Iowa whenever the pitcher currently on the roster, such as Gray, is used on three consecutive days and needing rest. It would keep the pitchers fresh and avoid those long periods between outings.

The year is 2010, and GM’s need to be more creative in use of the roster!

NOTE: A similiar system can be applied to rotate starting pitchers with remaining options.

Hendry should be sent down, let him screw up, er…I mean “get his game back” at the rookie level for a few years.

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