4/25 Hit parade

Here’s some tidbits from Sunday’s 12-2 win over the Brewers:

* The four home runs and 18 hits were both season highs.

“Everybody chipped in,” Lou Piniella said.

* Every Cubs starter had a hit — including pitcher Randy Wells — and three players had at least three hits. Ryan Theriot led the charge with five hits, which tied a career-high. He also had five hits Aug. 30, 2006, at Pittsburgh.

“I’m trying to talk Lou into letting me hit fourth,” Theriot said. “I like to hit first, it gives me more at-bats and I can do more things. Wherever I hit, it’s the same thing — try to get on base and score more runs.”

* The consensus was that Derrek Lee’s two-run homer in the fourth was the longest of the four. It landed in left-center in the Harley-Davidson seats.

“I thought he was going to win a Harley,” Theriot said. “I was trying to talk him into giving it to me if he did.”

— Carrie Muskat



Does anybody think Hendry should be trying to trade Soriano (BoSox?) while he is at least HITTING?

Yep, I think he should be trying. I am enjoying his production right now though. It looks like Colvin is fitting in nicely and would be able to take over the everyday play in left field. A Soriano trade would hopefully bring some much needed help to the bullpen along with some prospects.

At least it would free up SOME payroll for a possible mid-season deadline trade. Right now may be the best window of oportunity for Hendry to take the smallest hit on Soriano’s remaining contract with Boston struggling and talk of letting Ortiz go. Wouldn’t it also be nice if Hendry had the same take on talent as the Braves and bring up Castro at 20 years old like the Braves brought up Heyward? I would love to see how far this team would go with Colvin in left (the long sought after left-handed bat that Hendry has mysteriously abandoned obtaining, geez, I wonder why?) and Castro at SS with Theriot at 2B. Youth, aleticism, talent…THAT would be thinking “OUT OF THE BOX” (note to Lou since that has been his expression of the day)

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