4/26 More at stake in Cubs vs. White Sox

The Cubs and White Sox will be battling for more than just bragging rights. The two teams Monday announced an official structure to the Interleague rivalry known as the Crosstown Classic. Starting this year, the series will be called the BP Crosstown Cup. Cubs owner Tom Ricketts and manager Lou Piniella joined White Sox second baseman Gordon Beckham and catcher A.J. Pierzynski in announcing the details.

“Cubs and Sox fans have always been passionate about this rivalry. The BP Crosstown Cup recognizes the excitement of winning the crosstown series,” Ricketts said. “In addition to bragging rights, fans will have a chance to win prizes through this promotion, which will make the series even more fun.”

Under the rules of the BP Crosstown Cup, the two teams will continue to meet in a yearly six-game head-to-head series as they have since 1997. The team with the most wins in the yearly series will be formally awarded the rivalry’s namesake trophy. If the annual series is split 3-3, the BP Crosstown Cup will be awarded to the winner of the series’ last game.

The Cubs and White Sox kick off their first series of 2010 at Wrigley Field on June 11 and will celebrate their 75th meeting on June 13. The BP Crosstown Cup trophy will be awarded in a formal ceremony at U.S. Cellular Field following the deciding game of the six-game series.

— Carrie Muskat


What in the world does “BP” stand for???

I was wondering the same thing. Maybe it is sponsored by BP Petroleum Co.????

Giving it to the team who wins the 6th game in a 3-3 tie seems a little strange. Lets say the Cubs are winning 3 games to 2 going into the last game. If the Cubs win, they win 4-2 but if they lose, they lose the whole thing because they lost the last game. The team that’s ahead has everything to lose and the team that is behind has everything to gain. It’s very odd and anti-climatic. What’s the point at that point. Why not just petition MLB and make it a 7 game series (3 at one park, 4 at the other later in the year) with the 4 game set alternating between the two teams. (4 games at Wrigley this year; 3 at US Cellular and then it switches next year.)

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