4/29 Extra bases

Cubs pitcher Ted Lilly gave up three homers on Thursday, the first time he’s served up multiple homers since Aug. 22, 2009, at Los Angeles. He’s the first starter to give up six runs since Carlos Zambrano gave up eight on April 5 at Atlanta in the season opener.

* Ryan Theriot has a nine-game hitting streak, and is batting .488 in that stretch with eight RBIs. He had four streaks of nine or more games last season.

* Despite hitting .159 overall, Aramis Ramirez has hit safely in six straight games, and is .240 in that stretch.

* Kosuke Fukudome’s grand slam in the eighth was his first in two-plus years in the U.S. Major Leagues. It’s his first four RBIs game since July 30, 2009.

— Carrie Muskat



Ok…lets review….I have been a Cubs fan from the age of 7 to my current age of 42. I have been more than patient…and I have it lucky…some Cub fans have gone far longer watching each season ultimately implode. We have created our own nightmare in that regardless if the Cubs win or lose…we stand by our team. However, I waited all winter to see……this? All I hear is excuses from high priced players on why we arent winning AGAIN!!!!! Please tell my why I should hold out any hope of this team doing anything this year. Im tired of players telling us fans to be “patient”. WE WANT A WINNER! Can you pass the message along? They make millions to do their job thirty percent of the time…the least they can do is do that.

I have said it previously, this is all down to hard work and preparation.

In Mesa, Lou was happy to allow the “veterans” to call their tune as they know best.

Ramirez, Lee and Soriano all missed workload in Spring Training and now the fruits of the lack of toil and application are being sown.

Last year there was much griping about Zambrano not working hard – hardly a work about Ramirez and Lee.

I never thought I’d see the day when I wanted a Cubs team take the field without Ramirez and Lee, but it is dawning fast. When you sail out into the Sun please take Hendry with you before he overpays for your replacements.

I consider the slumps of Lee and Ramirez an anomally and won’t get on them for what hopefully IS just a temporary slump. Still, they are older and along with Soriano’s rapidly declining RUN PRODUCTION to go with his poor defense has really slowed down this team. What better time than now to usher in a new era by playing Colvin everday in left and Castro every day at SS??? Why would Hendry keep pretending this team can make it into the playoffs and if they miraculously do…challenge the opposition? Hendry knows he has no payroll left to add and has no takers for the bad contracts of Soriano or Fukodome. And we fans all know there is no confidence in Hendry to deal the one player with a big contract that WOULD draw interest…Zambrano.

One thing not being talked about a whole lot is Ramirez defense. It is having some issues over there. Lee and Ramirez both are killing the team and im fine with letting them play but why hit them 3 and 4. Makes no sense at all.

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