4/29 Lou: "We need production"

It seemed as if the wind was blowing out only during the Diamondbacks’ innings at the plate on Thursday at Wrigley Field.

“We need to get production,” Lou Piniella said after the Cubs’ 13-5 loss to Arizona. “I think if we could do that, everything else would settle down.”

Derrek Lee is batting .193, Aramis Ramirez is hitting .159. That’s not going to get it done.

“Obviously, we’re facing good pitching,” Lee said, “but we can be a lot better than we are.”

Ramirez said he actually feels better at the plate.

“I don’t know what’s going on,” Ramirez said. “Everybody’s working hard, everybody’s trying. We just haven’t gotten it done. We just have to hit. we can’t be playing close games all the time — we all have to start hitting, including myself.”

— Carrie Muskat


This is the best thing I have heard a Chicago Cub say in the last 2 seasons. I mean this is exactly the same as last year without all of the injury/MB excuses to cover up poor production.

At some point people need to just do their job….have fun, but do your job. A couple of games ago Byrd leads off as the tying run with a double and gets fired up. Any other team in pro baseball would have been sparked (see Atl Braves in the season opener). Our response is a deflating couple of infield pop ups and a strike out.

If you look at the Red Sox that broke their world series streak they were gritty and had no excuses. Thats the kind of team that we need….grow beards….get angry…go out there and stick it to the other team Ty Cobb style.

Come on Cubs….you have the talent…..you have the support….play like this is it! More than likely this is going to be the last chance for this group to become immortal.

Oh my God, it’s talk like this that can drive one crazy. Maybe some people should start to realize that the possibility exists the Cubs don’t have the talent and whatever talent they do have resides for the most part either on the bench (Colvin) or in the minors (Castro). I’ll take those two as starters any day over GROWING A FRIGGIN’ BEARD?!?!?!????? Might as well get out Julio Zuleta’s voodoo chicken. Players that were OUTSTANDING (Lee and Ramirez) are now that much older without the same expectations. Players like Soriano and Fukodome are not the run producers they once were for other teams (or countries!!). This team is begging for a complete overhaul of philosophy starting with the hard choice that should be made by Lou to PLAY THE BEST PLAYERS and sit the deficiant ones that Hendry saddled him with. Hendry should also make the decision to bring up Castro allowing Lou (or any manager) to IMPROVE THE CHANCES OF WINNING by using the best talent in the organization. Also, keep a steady, consistent line up of the best players and give up the tinkering, let them settle in their spots. Such as Fukodome leading off (for lack of choice), Theriot (for his penchant for going the other way), Byrd (because he’s the team’s best hitter, face it) Lee (well…who else?), Colvin (yes, Colvin to go righty-lefty and get him some protection from…) Ramirez (swith him with Lee later IF he gets hot), Soto (slow of foot=bottom of order), Castro (could be the “second lead-off” man). Do it Lou and Jim, earn your keep for once!!!

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