4/30 Lee & Ramirez update

Derrek Lee entered Friday’s game batting .193 while Aramis Ramirez was hitting .159. That’s not going to get the job done, Lou Piniella said. Ramirez did not start in two games one week ago for the Cubs. Maybe Lee needs a day off, too?

“We need Lee and Ramirez to hit and they’re not going to be doing much hitting sitting on the bench,” Piniella said. “We need for them to get hot and start swinging the bats the way they’re capable of. We can give them a breather from time to time.

“The secret for them is let them get their at-bats and their playing time and hopefully they’ll come around quickly.”

Which means letting the two work out their problems in the game.

“They’re my [Nos.] three and four hitters,” Piniella said. “I can see a rest occasionally. I think it does everybody good. You want to keep the middle of your lineup as stable as you possibly can. If they don’t hit, we’re going to have problems scoring runs. I’m very confident that they will [hit]. It’s just a question of how soon and when.”

— Carrie Muskat

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