4/30 Lineup vs. D-Backs

Tyler Colvin is starting in center field Friday in Game 2 of this four-game series against the Diamondbacks. Here’s the lineup:

SS Theriot

RF Fukudome

1B Lee

3B Ramirez

CF Colvin

LF Soriano

2B Fontenot

C Soto

P Wells

— Carrie Muskat


Lee and Ramirez at 3 and 4 once again….I dont get it.

mlbfanwi, who would you suggest? I think this is where Lou is kind of stuck. Lee and Ramirez have a better chance of breaking out of their slumps than Soriano or Fukodome has of producing in the 4-5 spot? And without Byrdy playing???

They way Soto is playing lately and the way he is drawing walks I wouldnt mind seeing him bat 2nd(which is insane I know but this team is a big slump) so i wouldnt mind seeing Theriot, Soto, Fukudome, Nady, Colvin, Soriano, Font, Ramirez, Wells. I know what your saying but Lee and Ramirez are really killing us right now so why bat them back to back in the heart of the order. Give them a day off one of these days. Theroit was in a slump got a day off now he is the hottest guy on the team.

Considering the 24 man roster put together by Hendry, I don’t see how it matters moving Lee and Ramirez. It’s all just up to chance these days. There is a chance Soriano hits one of his rare homeruns with runners on base (such as today) but…I would still rather have Lee batting third and Ram batting fourth than Soriano just because he’s in one of his “Oh boy, he can carry the club” streak. This team lacks genuine, intimidating run producing threats and must rely on who is hot at at given time, not really inspiring is it?

mlbfanwi, I’m not saying you suggested Soriano batting 3 or 4, you didn’t, just trying to give an example of what few choices Lou has. If Soto wasn’t hitting well “latley” we couldn’t even argue for him to move up in the order. WAIT!!!….Soto just hit a solo homer…BAT HIM CLEAN-UP!!!
Ha, just kidding.

Joey…Im with you there. The fact is this team is lacks that one guy every teams has to worry about. Depending on a week a team might have to worry about Soriano or Lee or Ramy or ect but the last two years the other team is saying “dont give up home runs and we win.” Its starting to get old but I shouldnt talk too much because they are winning today so I guess the lineup worked.

mlbfanwi, you expressed what I was trying to convey even better. There is no particular batter in the Cubs line up that strikes fear in the opposition unless that batter “happens to be hot” (chance), but certainly not on an a regular basis like the Ram WAS. One step forward, two steps back is how I would describe Hendry’s tenure. Keep the faith mlbfanwi…Ryno, Castro will get here eventually and Soriano, Fukodome and Hendry will eventually be going. Even though Soriano had a “good” offensive day today he does not have enough offense to balance his defense. Did you see how he got too close to the wall again today? Embarrssing. 4 MORE YEARS TO GO OF THAT IN LF may be too much for my heart.

Joey…I cant believe Bob didnt rip soriano for getting so close to the wall. Maybe someone got on him after he riped Soriano on 670 but i cant believe how bad he is out there. If you can’t catch it play it off the wall….simple as that. You think he would learn or someone would say something about it. With all that said he had a huge day at the plate today and as much as he drives me nuts i would love to see him get hot and go on his 10 day bindge.

mlbfanwi, I think somebody must have told Brenly to back off as he just makes Hendry look bad with all the criticism of Soriano. Sadly, Soriano needs every day to be like today to justify his horrendous fielding. I too hope he gets on a binge and gets the RedSox’s attention for their DH. The best thing Hendry could do is get Soriano to accept a trade to the AL while he’s showing signs of life. Then go with Colvin in Left, Byrd in center, Fukodome in right, finish out the year and get a big bopper for right field in 2011 or promote from within again like they did with Colvin. Sandberg will get these kids to reach their potential. Lou and Jim are showing too many signs of being tired. If I hear Lou say “Listien, uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh I tried everything, uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh what else can I do?” OH REALLY? Have you tried resigning? Come on Ryno!!

I don’t like to defend Soriano, but you’re forgetting how good he can be at the plate if he’s healthy and he makes few errors in left when he’s healthy too. I also strongly disagree about this lineup not being intimidating. If Lee, Rami and Soriano are hitting like they can consistently hit, then they are significantly intimidating. It may not be as intimidating as the Yankee or Philly lineup, but then again who is?? What they can do is consistently punish a pitcher for a bad pitch, work the count and make a pitcher throw the perfect pitch to get them out, and hit for power and thus RBIs. You can give up on this team, but I’m seeing tons of potential for the team to cut loose and start winning a lot of games and only loosing once or twice a week. I get the feeling that the last two days were the beginning of something big…I could be wrong…wouldn’t be the first time, but things are looking good right now on all fronts.

Soriano makes fewer errors not few. Big difference….oops, but I’ll hope for few errors. Maybe it was a Freudian slip??

If, If, If. Of course IF. But still a broken record. I love the way Soriano is swinging the bat of late but cannot defend him being on this team, playing left field for 8 years. The whole deal is just wrong. I hope he stays hot but wouldn’t a shrewd GM trade him IF (ha) he could to an american league team to get out of the remaing 4 friggin’ years of him looking silly in left? There is no arguing Soriano can carry a team IF and WHEN he gets hot, however there is NO if and when he is a bad fielder he is consistently bad in left field with only RARE bonafide defensive plays. So, he stays hot and Hendry trades him, takes a hit but frees up left field for what looks like some very promising talent JUST WAITING TO ADVANCE.

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