5/4 Ramirez may be dropped in lineup

Lou Piniella hinted after Tuesday’s game he may move Alfonso Soriano up in the lineup and drop struggling Aramis Ramirez down.

“It’s been five weeks of this now,” Piniella said of Ramirez’s struggles. “You’ve got to be patient with good hitters. That’s not a problem or concern, but at the same time, we’ll see what we do with the lineup, if I don’t juggle it around in the middle just a little.”

Ramirez, who missed two months last season because of a separated shoulder, said he’s healthy. It just doesn’t look that way at the plate. He’s batting a feeble .149 after going 0-for-4 Tuesday in the 3-2 loss to the Pirates and leads the team with 26 strikeouts. Told about the possible lineup switches, Ramirez deferred to Piniella.

“I’m going to try to do my best whether I hit first or ninth, I’m going to try to do my best,” Ramirez said. “It doesn’t matter where I hit.

“Right now, I’m off on everything,” he said. “I’m late on the fastball, early on the breaking ball. I just have to keep working to try to figure it out.”

A career .286 hitter, Ramirez said he’s never been a slump this long.

“I have no excuses,” he said. “I just haven’t gotten the job done.”

— Carrie Muskat


Another case of inspirational management… this is far more than a slump.

Tracy bats 3 for 4 when he stands in, the offense clicks… so why bring back Ramirez… or at the very least when he is 0 for 2 in a tight game get him off.

Piniella needs to go and go now whilst we have a chance to turn things around. This can be a playoff team if managed well or we can keep Lou.

He has kept on saying he will go with the hot bats, but has a blindspot when it comes to D Lee and Ramirez.

hustlelikereed, He doesn’t have a blind spot when it comes to Lee and Ramirez. He simply knows that they are the best hitters on the team. They are both in a bit of a slump right now, but they won’t get out of it if they’re sitting on the bench. Lou is doing the right thing by moving him down in the order until he starts hitting and giving him a day off from time to time so that the frustration doesn’t get to him. Only a fool would bench one of the best hitters in the game at this point. It may come to that, but not yet.

pman, i disagree with lou not having a blind spot when it comes to Lee and Ramirez. You know Pit was more than happy to see Ramirez come to the plate with the game on the line last night. Ramirez is not one of the best hitters in baseball right now. Right now he is hitting under .200!!! How does that make him a great hitter? Great hitters find a way to keep their avg up even through slumps. Ramirez has not done that. Every at bat lately has been a strike out or fly out to deep center. Hes always been one of my favs but something has to be done with him. The cubs are not good enough to keep giving away games until he gets hot.

Dont get me wrong. I like him and would love to see him come out of this slump just how games do you give away because hes not hitting and still batting 4th or 5th? All i am saying is he cant keep batting in big rbi spots with a .149 avg. I know his track record speaks for its self but we have never seen him this bad and strike out this much. At least when Lee is in a slump the other team is just making great plays. A-Ram cant even find the ball, and thats why i want to see something change.

Drop him in the order and give him a few more days off but the options at third, including Tracy are not favorable to benching Ramirez. It’s pretty much the same with Lee, we would rather have Nady at first? I don’t think so. I’ll cut Lou some slack for sticking with his two corner guys that have nobody breathing down there neck to take their job away anyway…not like Colvin is doing to Soriano. In fact it may be just the thing that may have gotten Soriano to realize he better at least HIT if he can’t field. Has anybody figured out Nady’s value to this team yet? Did Hendry have instruction to waste 3 million? Is that it? Same Fuld would be a much more valuable addition to this team as a limited time player.

I understand you cant bench him, but Tracy did go 3-4 with a couple of RBIs on sunday….just saying. But i have no prob with lettting him hit his way out of the slump but not in the 4th or 5th spot in the order. He is hurting the team hitting there. However how long do you let him struggle before you do something? What if he drops below .120? I have no porb with Lee starting everyday because I think he has been unlucky at the plate and always brings a good glove. As for Nady i have no clue why he is here but I know he is a heck of a lot better than the worthless Aaron Miles.

As long as Ramirez is in this slump he is hurting the team. Tracy is an acceptable 3rd baseman and at least is not batting like a deadman standing.

The line-up isn’t strong enough to carry Ramirez as we saw last night.

Bench him for the rest of the road trip and get him working his socks off every day on the timing issues. Teams like the Yankees can carry cold bats because of their quality, this lineup simply cannot.

And I agree completely with both of you regards Nady… why waste $3m on a player who clearly is not a pinch-hitter, when there are good and cheap youngsters on the farm.

Especially when the additional $3m could have got us a fairly good set-up man or gone towards bringing in Heath Bell.

But he is far more able than Miles…

Miles…he who shall remain unmentioned.

hustlelikereed, I hear your frustration, but it is vital that Ramirez gets back to his old ways if the Cubs are going to be successful and having him in the lineup most of the time is how that’s going to happen. I do think he needs to be given one to two games off a week to get his timing back and to simply keep him from getting too run down and to bring some more offense into the lineup until he gets his timing back. I fully expect him to have a huge second half of the season, but until then…

Until he figures out his problems then we need to spark the production, which Tracy has done when he has started. There is no defensive loss either so far this season.

I will say it again, we cannot afford a dead duck in the line-up. Yes he got a hit and a RBI yesterday, but he looks very poor.

“Acceptable” replacements, yeah, that will get us to the promised land. Too many involved in this organization are satisfied with “acceptable” including the Ricketts being satisfied with and acceptable GM when they should be tolerating nothing short of exceptional from the GM, especially with the payroll alloted Hendry. This team is playing at or beneath the level of teams with drastically lower payrolls, what’s that tell us? It tells us that there is a blatant lack of payroll responsability. I admit I am not sure where in the standings other teams with similar payrolls ($140 mil?) are at this point but it sure would be interesting to see a list. Ramirez is just the headline of the day and the squeaky wheel right now, the bigger picture is being swept under the carpet by all the blow hard talk coming from the front office and even the manager. Lou was heard saying he doesn’t have any answers to the question of the team’s lack of offense… What? THEN MOVE ASIDE AND LET SOMEBODY THAT EITHER HAS ANSWERS 0R A CLUE AS TO FINDING SOME. (like playing a consistent line up, bringing up Castro, playing Theriot at 2B, playing Colvin A LOT MORE, putting pressure on Hendry to deal with the terrible left fielder by sitting him on the bench after the 6th innining of every game etc.) and sure bench Ram for a few days and let your “acceptable” Tracy at least get SOME time in a game. But the wheels keep falling off while Hendry keeps driving the team bus into land of futility. No rhym, no reason, no plan, no development. Just hits or misses with this GM. Rip up the blueprint, it aint workin’ and start developing the kids so at least in 3 years our chances will be much stronger.

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