5/5 Lineup & Ramirez

Aramis Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano flip flopped spots in the batting order Wednesday so Soriano is hitting fifth and Ramirez sixth.

“What we really need to do is get Ramirez back in the four-hole — that means he’s swinging the bat the way he’s accustomed to,” Lou Piniella said Wednesday. “That’s really the secret of this whole thing.”

The problem is timing. Ramirez said he’s late on fastballs and early on breaking pitches.

“It’s called inbetween,” Piniella said. “That’s not a good place to be. I think every hitter at some point in his career gets into that situation. It’s just a question of working yourself out of it.”

Here’s the lineup:

SS Theriot

RF Fukudome

1B Lee

CF Byrd

LF Soriano

3B Ramirez

2B Fontenot

C Hill

P Lilly

— Carrie Muskat



Lou still messed it up. Soriano is the best hitter and should be in the 3 spot and Ramirez the worst should be in the 7 spot. Of course he didn’t put Soto in, we wouldn’t want to see what our new lineup could do with our regular players in. I would just like to see Lou know what he’s doing for one game. Wouldn’t Theri­ot-Fu­ku-So­ri-By­rd be a great start to the lineup? If Ramirez continuse to play like a little leaguer, how about we bring up Castro to play SS, move Theriot to 2B and Fontenot to 3B. That’s the future anyway since Ramirez won’t be back next year. Might as well put Colvin at 1B too and we don’t need to worry about getting him playing time in the OF. Lee won’t be back next year either, might as well trade him and get something out of him.

Well getting no hit through 3 innings from a guy with a 12 era. WOW!!!!!!

And as for the Lilly / Piniella comments regards not being up to speed and still going through his Spring Training, why isn’t he doing this in AAA? He has been poor in his last 2 games. How can we have the 3rd highest payroll in MLB and yet have to rush back a Number 2 starter… aside from the fact we have 3 players paid as Aces and none of them up to it!

The only reason we have the third highest payroll in the MLB is because Hendry foolishly spent like a drunken sailer
at a strip club. It does not mean we have value for the money. Hustlelikereed, good point about the aces, none of them are true aces however in PITTSBURGH they should be and both Dempster and Lilly pitched well enough for victories, don’t you think?

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