5/5 Tribute to Ernie

WGN Radio’s Pat Hughes on the passing of long time Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell:

“Ernie could not have been any nicer or more humble, perhaps the most beloved sports figure in Detroit history. He always treated me with kindness and respect. Out of the blue, he would call me at home in the winter. I am happy I knew him and could call him a friend. He was a  wonderful human being.”

— Carrie Muskat

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Lou still messed it up. Soriano is the best hitter and should be in the 3 spot and Ramirez the worst should be in the 7 spot. Of course he didn’t put Soto in, we wouldn’t want to see what our new lineup could do with our regular players in. I would just like to see Lou know what he’s doing for one game. Wouldn’t Theriot-Fuku-Sori-Byrd be a great start to the lineup? If Ramirez continuse to play like a little leaguer, how about we bring up Castro to play SS, move Theriot to 2B and Fontenot to 3B. That’s the future anyway since Ramirez won’t be back next year. Might as well put Colvin at 1B too and we don’t need to worry about getting him playing time in the OF. Lee won’t be back next year either, might as well trade him and get something out of him.

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