5/5 Where's Ramirez?

Where will Aramis Ramirez bat on Wednesday? Lou Piniella said he was considering making a lineup switch and moving Alfonso Soriano up and Ramirez down. The Cubs third baseman actually has hit everywhere in the lineup in his career, including leadoff. Here’s a breakdown:

Batting 1st: 2 games, 4-for-4, 1.000

Batting 2nd: 3 games: 0-for-3, .000

Batting 3rd: 121 games, 144-for-473, .304.

Batting 4th: 758 games, 833-for-2,905, .287

Batting 5th: 311 games, 335-for-1,184, .283

Batting 6th: 105 games, 115-for-386, .298

Batting 7th: 105 games, 73-for-359, .203

Batting 8th: 11 games, 11-for-32, .344

Batting 9th: 19 games, 3-for-18, .167.

— Carrie Muskat

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