5/6 A message from Lou

Lou Piniella says he’ll talk to the players prior to Friday’s game in Cincinnati. The Cubs scored five runs in the three games in Pittsburgh, all losses, and on Thursday, made three errors, including two by Aramis Ramirez.

“I’ll say something [Friday],” Piniella said. “What am I going to say? You should be able to look in the mirror pretty easy after something like this.”

— Carrie Muskat


Feel good management is running out of time real quick. Not only are our 3 and 4 hitters been a mind busting replay of swinging at the low or in the dirt breaking ball. They come across as frustated and low energy. That will bring the team down in a heartbeat . I hope Lou shakes the hell out of the middle of the order!

I missed the big move where Lou put Z in the bullpen. Didn’t see that coming, fair enough. So this time I wanted to be bold and make an early prediction before it happens: if Ramirez goes much further in this slump you will see him go to Triple-A for a few weeks. This may be done under the auspices of some “injury” that’s been the reason for his slump, but you and I will know that it’s merely a we-gotta-win-some-ballgames-now approach. Any takers on this one? Personally, I’d rather just see Ramirez hit like we know he can! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

How about Lou says: “you guys aren’t getting the job done so Colvin gets a prolonged shot at a job and I’m going to force toady to bring up Castro so he gets a shot at a starting job and if that doesn’t shake things up I’m going to swap jobs with Ryno so HE can have a go with you bunch of Hendry-overpayed, overevaluated prima donnas while I get to manage some ball players that have some promise AND determination!”…then Lou lights up a cigar, kicks back and continues: “Now get the hell out on the field, bust some *** and play some ball ladies!!!”…. I can see the movie now…

Anybody hear that Castro will be called up today? If it’s true we could be seeing the beginning of a new mindset from Hendry and the organization, about time.

joey….espn chicago says he has been called up, cashner and vitter also got promoted. I have a feeling though that Colvin may go down unless they made a trade today as well.

mlbfanwi, that would be sooooo typical if they send Colvin down and use the same old excuse that he’s better off playing everyday in the minors than sporadically in the majors. Well, there’s always hope Lou KEEPS HIS WORD and gets Colvin his “regular starts” as promised at the beginning of the season if not, what else is new, we don’t know what or who to believe anymore. So much for Lou’s comments earlier that Colvin is a starter. Lou can STILL decide to sit Soriano (despite his all powerful yet random offensive awesomeness that deserves are full bowing and adulation) and Fukodome to get Colvin his starts even with Castro as the every day SS. What will the Cubs lose by playing Castro every day? Fontenot or Baker? Big deal.

Yep, Castro called up and Tracy moved down to Triple A.

Joey…I agree. I just hope they dont play yo yo with the guy. Bring him up and give him the starting job. Dont send him down if he doesnt hit right away.

The tracy move is intresting. With Rami having major issues it looks like Lou is going to wait for him to hit….even if it take until the all star break. Lets hope Castro can spark this team like Ike Davis did for the Mets. Im not sure if Castro is ready but this team is so god awful to watch im happy he is here.

Exactly mlbfanwi, he should be here for good even if he doesn’t have a break out rookie year. I give credit to Hendry for keeping Colvin up too but it is now squarely in Lou’s hands to not only get Castro playing time but Colvin as well. Tracy down to AAA? So we are looking at Fontenot as a back up third basaman? or is it Baker? It would have made more sense (yet emabarrassing to Hendry) to release Nady since we are MORE than adequately covered in the outfield with Colvin and even some of the guys in AAA (Fuld, Snyder etc) and keep Tracy. Whatever, it all may be moot as I get the feeling slowly but surely this is turning into a transition year anyway and the only chance of making the playoffs may very well rest with the fate of Castro, Colvin and who knows maybe even Cashner. 2011, here come the Cubs!!!!

Carrie, where are you with the details about this!?!?!?! I am really intrested is hearing what Hendry and Lou have to say.

Castro has been called up. Was traveling from Pittsburgh to Cincy, which is why a little tardy. Sorry for delay. We’ll get more info as soon as possible. Castro was batting .376 at Double-A Tennessee

Look at that….10 mins later and your right on top of it. Good work as always Carrie. No wonder your the #1 blog!!

Driving and blogging at the same time??? I hope not!!!

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