5/6 Wells' 1 minute 15 second explanation

Randy Wells had the shortest outing of his career Thursday in an 11-1 loss to the Pirates. The young right-hander offered a 1 minute 15 second explanation for his outing without needing a question to get started.

“It’s terrible,” Wells said. “Unacceptable. Everything I’ve ever preached about why I’m successful, what I do to be successful, I totally got away from.

“I came in too cocky, too confident,” he said. “Warming up in the bullpen, I don’t think I missed a pitch. I’m laughing, joking around with [catcher Geovany Soto] before the game. I went out there and was all out of whack and let it get out of hand.

“When we needed a win the most to stop the bleeding, I got lackadaisical, wasn’t on top of my game and shoved it up my [rear end],” he said.

He didn’t even take a breath in his monologue.

“That’s pretty much all that happened,” Wells said. “I can’t throw strikes with the fastball, can’t get ahead of hitters. You’re flipping [bad] sliders in there, and not throwing strikes with your best pitch, which is your changeup, and that’s the kind of stuff that happens. It’s time to get back to work and have a reality check and realize what my job is here and what my main focus is and that’s to win ballgames.

“All that other [nonsense], [being] 3-0 and pitching for the Chicago Cubs doesn’t mean [anything],” he said. “I’m here to win ballgames. As far as I’m concerned after tonight, I’m no better than anybody. It’s time to get back to work and have a good side.”

And that was it.

The Cubs entered the game with their starters having posted 18 quality starts in the first 28 games, including three by Wells. Not this time. He lasted two innings.

— Carrie Muskat


I always thought that Wells was a bit overrated as a pitcher. I would rather see Big Z back in the rotation and Wells down in the bullpen. Why waste Zambrano down in the pen after the way the Cubs have been hitting? I would place Z back into the starting rotation; after all pitching is the first line of defense. It’s Wells turn to spend some time down in the bullpen: Wells, Russell, Gray, and Berg. If they can’t work relief for the Cubs why have them on the roster. I would give Marshall a couple of spot starts in the rotation, especially after the way Lily pitched his last outting. The best starting pitching for the Cubs is probably Big Z, Dempster, Lily or Marshall, Silva, and Marmol. Marmol is just sitting in the bullpen, if this continues the Cubs will never get to him as a closer…let him start some games; use Wells as the closer he throws hard; he can close some games out. I would like to see what Marmol could do as a starter. Go Cubs!

I like this response! Let’s hope that the rest of the guys respond the same way.

This seems to be the response of a guy who gives a damn about what he does.

Every pitcher – even Doc and Sabathia – have offdays. Whilst Wells unfortunately isn’t in his class, he will learn, and the first part of learning is recognising his faults. Fair play to him.

I like Wells’ response too. It could give a glimpse into what’s happening with this team. Maybe the clubhouse is too loose, maybe the team came in taking the Pirates for granted, and maybe some guys put too much pressure on themselves to perform when they’re not doing well. In the end, for the team to be successful, I think they need that fire in their eyes to go out and battle no matter what happened the day before. Put all the shananigans to the side and play ball.

How often have you heard the phrase “just go and have some fun out there” from managers? Managers are smart guys and wouldn’t say this if they didn’t mean it. They know what the effect of this mentality on their team will be. Do you want a bunch of goof-offs who don’t take their job seriously? Of course not. You want relaxed, confident professionals who can stay positive despite setbacks and mishaps. Take a look at championship-quality teams (in any sport) throughout history and you will, more often than not, see a group of guys who know how to win, and do so while having lots, and lots, of fun.
So let’s have some fun and win some ballgames, shall we?!

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