5/7 Castro not wasting time

It’s not even 3 p.m. CT, but the Starlin Castro era has begun. The 20-year-old shortstop is on the field at Great American Ball Park now, working at short with Ryan Theriot at second. Bench coach Alan Trammell and coach Ivan DeJesus are both working with the pair.

— Carrie Muskat


Starlin Castro and Ryan Theriot working with both Trammell and DeJesus, now that sounds promising and hopeful for turning around what has been a poor start to a suspect season. I think most of us fans have something to get behind now and the Cubs (and Hendry) are finally starting to show some direction and responsability. Just in time to add some excitement and give us a reason to watch them while in Cincy, if it wasn’t for Castro I wouldn’t have bothered to turn the T.V. on tonight so even from a marketing point of view it makes sense. Maybe Hendry WAS paying attention to all of us who relentlessly repeated that he has nothing to lose by bringing Castro up now rather than later. I’m wondering if more playing time for Colvin isn’t too far away???

same here. this is the most excitement i have been since opening day to watch the cubs. going to be nice watching a player that actually wants to play for the love of the game and not the money

hahahaha….i was thinking the same thing today. I was sitting here why would i even want to watch this game tonight. Now i cant wait until 6:10.

Why would Lou put Theriot at 2B over Fontenot? Skip Bertman from LSU moved Theriot from 2B to SS because Fontenot was better at 2B. Lou should play those that are performing and renegotiate all contracts to Pay for Performance. This system of play by seniority or pay scale is not working for the Cubs.

Why would you start Fontenot? Theriot is an upgrade at the plate over Fontenot. Theriot had had back to back near .300 season where fontenot has fallen off after a hot start both years. Last year Fontenot lost his starting spot to Baker. Fontenot is a bench player and the fact he was starting shows how tbs are at 2nd base. LSU?…that was five years ago. Why would go by that? Five years ago Soriano was a 40/40 guy. Theriot is the right move.

mlbfanwi, are you out of your mind? You must be because we tend to agree for the most part and a lot of people call me crazy. How could anybody disagree with your Fontenot vs. Theriot comments? Castro as SS and Theriot at 2B is a total team upgrade and Lou should not fall prey to the Fontenot is an everyday player faction that nwrain is espousing nor the “left handed” bat faction either. Fontenot and the Cubs are better served with him playing a role not playing everyday. Lou wants more left handed AB’s? Then he should start Colvin over Soriano twice a week as he stated earlier and now with Ramirez sucking wind start Fontenot twice a week at third…there is the left handed at bats, right?

I think Lou has a really good situation here. Lets hope he makes the most of it. This bench is a lot better than last year.

I think Lou has a really good situation here. Lets hope he makes the most of it. This bench is a lot better than last year.

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