5/7 Fontenot delivers in pinch

Mike Fontenot may have lost his job as the Cubs second baseman but he came through Friday. Fontenot delivered a pinch-hit grand slam in the eighth inning against the Reds, the first by a Cubs player since Derrek Lee did so May 19, 2007, against the White Sox. Fontenot has been bumped from second now that Ryan Theriot is switching from short to make room for Starlin Castro. And yes, it was Fontenot’s first career grand slam.

— Carrie Muskat


Im not a huge Fonetenot fan but this was really nice to see. Im gald hes taking castro being called up like a pro and went up and hit a gs. Impressive. He could have easily gave that ab away tonight. Then it turned out to be huge runs once Grabow got in there. Good night for everyone in blue tonight(except Grabow). They needed this.

It was like a perfect storm. Fontenot lost his job because two other players weren’t doing theirs, he was not told about the move until he got to the ballpark, he didn’t have a homer this year, and Ramirez, who can’t buy a hit , was intentionally walked to get to him. Then the pitcher threw a waist high fastball right over the plate, and unleashed all the fury in that 150 pound body. Nobody mentioned it, but this was Fontenot’s first career grand slam.

I hate the fact that Fontenot once again drew the short straw. He is a really good 2nd basemen, and he has been hitting really well this year. Now he lost his job, through no fault of his own.

Last year he had to learn 3rd base on the fly, and he didn’t have a great season. That wouldn’t have happened if we would have had a back up 3rd basemen.

The only good thing that could come from this, is that hopefully he will be a better 3rd basemen this year, and we can use him there and bench Ramirez. Let really put the players on the field that are playing well, and Ramirez is NOT playing well.

I think there may be more to that Castro call-up than meets the eye. The Cubs play their cards pretty close to their chests, as evidenced by the fact that Carrie Muskat insisted that Castro would not be called up until September. I doubt she was lying; she simply was kept put of the loop, as was Paul Sullivan. Someone who works in the Cubs front office told me that something was brewing, but he didn’t know exactly what.

I agree, but like you said it is impossible to know exactly what is brewing and if it’s a trade we may never find out if they don’t pull it off. It does appear that something big needs to happen as they aren’t improving enough to consistently win games.

I would have to think that any trading done at this point would have to be with the club’s future in mind and not a playoff run for this season. I’m not saying they don’t have a chance for a playoff run but common sense would dictate that what they (Hendry, Moe, Larry and Curly) have done and are doing ISN’T WORKING. They really need to come up with more long range goals, cut bait and find a new drawing board. O.K, maybe I am saying they have no chance at a playoff run because not only will the Cubs have to drastically improve but the Cards (and Brewers?) will have to drastically implode. The whole organization would be much better served to get it over and done with and start the youth movement sooner than later and if that means benching Soriano, Fukodome (who cares if he FINALLY is starting to hit in his 3rd friggin’ year of his contract?), Ramirez and Lee….what better time than when most of them suck??? ATTETNION: Nady is still on the team, “earning” 3 mil for not hitting and not throwing, not DH’ng…he must be driving Hendry’s limo.

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