5/10 Lee to Castro: Keep your head up

Starlin Castro made three errors Monday night in his Wrigley Field debut. He’s not the first Cubs’ shortstop to make three miscues in a game. Shawon Dunston did so on April 15, 1985, which was his sixth game in his first professional season. Long-time Cubs shortstop Don Kessinger made three errors on May 30, 1966, in a game in Pittsburgh. That was his second full season.

The last Cubs player to commit three miscues in a game was Aramis Ramirez on Sept. 2, 2008. The Cubs now have at least one error in the last five games, the most since a six-game span April 4-10, 2009.

The mistakes are part of the learning process for Castro, the youngest player in the Major Leagues. He not only made two bad throws but didn’t hustle after a ball that he tried to backhand in the eighth. The base runner, Florida’s Hanley Ramirez, hustled to second on the play.

“He got frustrated with himself,” Derrek Lee said of Castro’s third error. “He had a couple tough plays. I don’t think he was trying to not hustle. He pouted for a second. He’s 20 years old, he’s young and he’ll get better.”

Lou Piniella called Castro into his office after the game to talk to him about the play.

“You have to go get the ball,” Piniella said. “If you don’t catch it you can’t let it lay there.”

“He felt bad about that situation,” coach Ivan DeJesus said, translating for Castro. “He needs to be more alert.”

What do you say to Castro after a nightmarish home debut?

“Keep your head up, man,” Lee said. “We’ve all had games like that. In 24 hours, we’ll be out there again. You have to forget about it and be ready to go.”

— Carrie Muskat


I think the jump from Tenn. to the bigs for Castro was great for the fans initially, but lately we have discovered the the kid isn’t fielding on a major league level. He now has as many errors as he has hits and with the Cubs free falling within the division something needs to be done now and not later. Getting support from some veterans that are on the last year of their contracts and not hitting their weight isn’t helping things out either. Maybe it’s time to dump one or more of the high salaried non-producing position players (first and/or third) and get someone who really wants to play for the Cubs instead of the ones that are just cashing a paychecks and waiting for the end of the season. Remember its May, play like you care.

Since we Cubs fans have little chance of seeing our team in the play-offs this year let alone the World Series (hold the laughter please) wouldn’t at least be fun and or interesting to see a line-up such as:

Fuld CF
Theriot 2B
Geo C
Byrd LF
Colvin RF
Mcghee 3B
(oops, my error, Mcghee was yet another player in which Hendry saw no potential who is now batting over .300 and driving in some decent runs for the rival Brewers. But we didn’t need him to back up Ramirez…nooooooo….we have DeRosa…oops…..)
Castro SS
Whothe Hell 1B

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