5/10 Lineup & Castro

The Cubs open an eight-game homestand on Monday night and young Starlin Castro is in the lineup, making his fourth straight start since being called up. Maybe being home will help. The Cubs are coming off a 1-5 road trip.

“We need to regroup at home and have a good homestand,” Lou Piniella said.

Here’s the lineup:

2B Theriot

CF Byrd

1B Lee

RF Nady

3B Ramirez

LF Soriano

C Soto

SS Castro

P Lilly

— Carrie Muskat


3, 4, 5 hitters tonight are hitting .210, .179, 160. Good idea Lou…..keep waiting for them to hit. Keep throwing games away. Lou better hope he gets lucky and someone decides to step up or he might not be on the Cubs next road trip (thats my hope anyway).

At first I disagreed with moving Lee and Rami down in the lineup, but at this point I would move them down at least to the five and six slots with Soriano hitting third and Soto hitting cleanup unless Fukudome is playing then I’d put him in the 2 slot and put Byrd in the cleanup role with Soto hitting 5th. One can hope!

My fellow frustrated, faithful fanatics…we are now officially in “SCRAMBLE MODE”, it pretty much doesn’t matter where some of these players bat in the order or whether Lou plays a line up of mostly rookies. There’s no direction from the manager or the GM. If we’re going to re-arrange the line up hoping for some pay-off, why not just do the most drastic thing and send the biggest message….to the biggest culprit and bench the under acheivers that Hendry signed for too long and paid too much? I think Lou is wasting valuable time and experience for Colvin by keeping him the bench while we watch Soriano and Fukodome do what we know they can do all the while still languishing. Take advantage of the sucky season that we all knew would eventually arrive because of the lame contracts Hendry handed out years ago….just play as many kids as possible getting them used to the big leagues and playing together so they have a chance of competing next year or 2012. Lou needs to go, I just hope he goes out with a bang and does something out of the ordinary.

Colvin…lets talk about Colvin. Lou said he would play 2-3 tiems a week. Last week he played once!!! and hit a big home run in that game. Lou is no longer hurting this team this year but years to come as well. Colvin is a first round pick and is learning nothing sitting on the bench. Play Colvin or send him down so he can get at bats. How in the world is Ricketts letting these two fools (Lou and Hendry) scar this team for years to come? I really really hope people dont fill the seats becasue then Ricketts will have to take action.

It certainly rings of hypocrasy….

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