5/10 Lilly: "We're just not getting it done"

You’ve probably heard this before: The Cubs are having trouble scoring runs and Monday’s game was the sixth in the last seven in which they scored three runs or less.

“We have to find a way to get better,” Derrek Lee said. “Guys are trying. It’s not working out right now. We’re in a tough stretch but all you can do is keep pushing.”

The players keep saying that. When do the Cubs fix this?

“Hopefully, losing will bother us enough to do something about it,” Ted Lilly said. “I don’t know what it is. At some point, we’ve had enough and we’ll do something about it. We’re trying. We’re just not getting it done.”

The St. Louis Cardinals aren’t going to wait for the Cubs to figure things out.

“Right now, what matters is winning tomorrow,” Lilly said. “After we do that, let’s win our next game. For me, let’s focus on right now.”

— Carrie Muskat


The Cubs will not have to worry about their yearly June swoon. They will be building for next year by June 5th if they keep this trend up. Don’t get me wrong. I am still a huge fan, but this lack of offense combined with mediocre starting pitching and poor middle relief spells disaster in the long run.

I’m sorry, but enough is enough.

The reason we are not winning is down to 2 walking strikeouts in the line-up and the complete lack of dominating pitching.

Any men on base are being wasted by the lack of production from Lee and Ramirez. Why can’t we bench Ramirez – oh yes, the clowns sent down Tracy when he was batting .275+, and kept the superfluous Baker.

St Louis can regularly rely on 2wins from Carpenter and Wainwright – if they win 50% of the other 3, they are averaging .650-700. Who from our overpaid rotation is a nailed on (or even a reliable 75% winner)?

All teams have slumps, but this is terminal decline.

Who assembled this team and its woeful management…? And why hasn’t Hendry said a word about the mess he has created?

Many of us travel a long way to see our beloved Cubs – if the Ricketts want to keep the coffers filling they need to offer more – like blatant honesty and the firing of Hendry and his Lou-seless, uninspiring manager.

Hustlelikereed, tell us how you really feel. HA! Nicely said and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been one for holding out for Ramirez to retrurn to form and keep him in for defense but I’m past that now. Hendry is paying the piper for his many illogical contracts. It amazes me that he is considered doing a job well done by the Ricketts? If not, then why HAVEN’T they fired him (along with his brown noser manager Pinella), cleaned up the management and brought in a team that can correct Hendry’s mess in the least damaging way? The only time Hendry promotes from within is when he is under the pressure to “do something” to keep the wolves at bay such as bringing up Castro and duh…Colvin after an un-ignorable spring training and now Lou is having Colvin ride the bench because???? Fukodome and Soriano are at best showing signs of life, that’s it just signs of life. No leadership from anybody this season. Just collecting paychecks.

Come on guys – we are all tired of the label of “lovable losers”. Yes we stand behind you no matter what…..but we would love to hold up our heads and tell those that call us those names that they are wrong, yet how can we? Marlin Byrd – you are getting it done. Fonsy – you are getting back to form and I think you will be fine. D.Lee – you need to find out what is wrong and work on correcting it – and it is time for Ramirez to go. As for Castro – I think it was too early to bring him up – needs to go back to the minors and work on fundamentals. Sorry to sing the same old song, but sure wish we had Mark DeRosa back – could fill in at any of these positions and good at the plate. I think it is time for Hendry to go – WAY OVERDUE! As far as Lou goes – I love him but it seems he has given up so it is time for him to go too. Let’s do something – the definition of a fool is someone who does the same thing over and over and expects different results – let’s not be fools!

I agree with all you. Some one needs to lose their job over this mess. I dont care if it is lou or hendry or both. Time for someone to say enough is enough. Lou bats his three worst hitters in big rbi spots night in and night out. When the cubs put runs up those spots normally have a part do do with it. When they score only two runs those spots do nothing. Why cant Lou see this? The top and bottom of the order has done their job. The starting pitching has done their job. This team looks awful becasue the middle of the order and bullpen are doing nothing. Time for Lou to sit or at the very least move Lee and Rami….and for gods sake play colvin!! And IF you do play Nady dont bat him clean up!! As far as Castro, maybe he was brought up too early, but we need to give him time. Hes not going to be an instant all-star or ROY. Hes 20…..I think we need to give him time and stick behind him. If you want to get mad at someone get mad at Hendry. Castro will be a stud but it might be years away. Lets give him time and enjoy watching the kid grow in front of us (even though he will pry cost us some games). Like i said last night, this team isnt going anywhere this year so at least i have a reason to be excited (from watching Castro) to watch this team now. With all that said I feel better…until 7:05 at least.

Dreamer, you are right, we stand behind the players – when out on the field…

But there is nothing wrong with brutal honesty.

And being honest we aren’t good enough. And being honest the fault lies squarely with Hendry. And being honest you are completely correct regards the definition of a fool – Piniella.

The only player who is tearing up trees is Byrd – and I believe it is more than a coincidence that he is the one player who seems to have been HONEST and POSITIVE ever since day 1 of Spring Training.

At this stage last Season the Rockies were in a similar position to the present Cubs. THey fired their manager and as I recall either made the play-offs or came within a whisker of doing so.

Believe it or not I was due to fly from UK for a long weekend at Wrigley – but given the present slump am putting it off til the next homestand in hope of at least being a competing team by then. And if we have new management by then, so much the better!

The issue isn’t that we aren’t winning, the issue is we have a poor overpaid roster who are being poorly managed. I would happily go and watch a team of prospects trying their hearts out than these largely overpaid and overhyped prima-donnas… Too many times over the last month the players have told us they are too good a team to keep losing. Really?

The Cubs are being schooled by the competition’s players, managers and specifically GENERAL MANAGER.

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