5/11 A little Cubs no-no trivia

Ted Lilly had a no-hitter through 5 1/3 innings Monday. According to Elias Sports Bureau, each of the last three times a Cubs starting pitcher has taken a no-no into at least the sixth inning, the team has lost the game. Randy Wells had a no-hitter for 6 2/3 innings against the Braves last June in an extra-inning victory for Atlanta. Rich Harden held the Phillies hitless for 5 2/3 innings last August, before Philadelphia won in extra innings.

— Carrie Muskat


Maybe that’s because a journalist or sportscaster mentioned “no-hitter” during the game. We Cubs fans are nothing if we’re not superstitious!

Muskat, you have not written anything of real value all year…going 5 1/3 with no hits, does not warrant a conversation, a post about Lee telling Castro to keep his head up?

You’re the insider…with the MLB blog…give us some insight on why Lou has lost interest in this team, why Soriano gets no love, while Ramirez and Lee get ignored for the lack of hitting?

This team has real issues, and we fans deserve to have some insight as to the issues surrounding the team. Find out why Lee and Ramirez don’t get moved in the line-up, while others are shifted…etc.

If this was the only blog item you read since I’ve been covering the team, I could understand some frustration. Piniella is trying to fix this mess — look at the lineup changes. Right now, you’ve got a team overloaded with players with no-trade clauses in their contracts, and some key guys aren’t getting the job done. That’s the story.

I think all cubs fans, some players and coaches, and media is a little too tense and upset. Lets not get mad at Muskat for doing her job. If the Cubs are in first place you love this story, but because we all are want to see “Lou Fired” as a headline we get mad about anything thats not ripping the Cubs. I do agree with your Soriano comment. He has been pretty dang good so far meanwhile everyone goes nuts when I say a guy whos hitting .150 needs to be benched. Spokan…I understand your frustration but grab your beverage of choice and lets hope the Cubs can win a game.

Spokanecubsfan has every right to ask the club blogger to be reporting on what is happening at a club seemingly heading towards implosion. The third highest payroll in MLB with no credible No.1 or 2 in the rotation, a woeful bullpen and sticking with lame clean-up hitters.

Fluffy stories are great when you are winning. They aren’t when we all need to know what is happening and why Lou and Hendry seem so reluctant to and incapable of rectifying the mess they have created.


in response to your note, why are we hearing nothing of Hendry during this implosion? Have the Ricketts not said anything?

Does moving Byrd up to 3 and leading off with Kosuke make everyhing right? This situation now needs real action, not the tinkering of a manager who has lost the fans and seemingly has lost the confidence of his roster.

OK, hustlelikereed, what would firing the GM now do for the Cubs? It would make his critics, including joeydafish, very happy. But Ramirez and Lee won’t suddenly start hitting, Grabow won’t strike out every hitter, and Caridad won’t suddenly become Mariano Rivera. The Ricketts are evaluating everybody, from top to bottom. That’s all they can do at this point. As for Lou “losing the confidence of his roster,” I’m not sure what that means. What’s missing from this team is someone in the clubhouse to take charge — not the GM, not Lou — but one of the players.

Isnt it kind of ironic thats why they kept Tracy….to be a leader in the clubhouse and now he is in AAA. With that said how is it with all these vets (Lee, Byrd, Rami, Lilly, Dempster, and ect) no one is taking charge?

To start with with we may get somebody well versed in the game – how on earth can it be justified to send down Tracy for Castro instead of Baker? Now we can’t reasonably sit Ramirez even if Lou had the vision to.

Secondly, we might get somebody cute enough to realise that we need to make some deals to find middle relief before the season is ended in mid May- there are teams out there who would gladly look at HJLee and Vitters.

My comment regards Lou losing the roster – at times like this he should be telling Ramirez to work harder with Jaramillo and not have Lee questioning his line-up logic (as he did last week). He should also not have accepted his veterans taking it easy in spring training… those seeds are now being sown.

As you say something is missing in the clubhouse – perhaps the old chestnut – DeRosa… because Lee, Ramirez and Zambrano would struggle to lead a boy scout troupe let alone this team out of a slump.

And what connects each of the points I have raised, and each of the team failings you have quoted, and the overloaded no trade clauses – the genius that is Hendry.

And having just watched Ramirez throw away the game in the 8th with 2 on, with a new GM we might get poorly performing self-interested veteran “superstars” benched or better still sent to AA / AAA and triers who are batting .273 kept on the roster and being available to be played.

Another game tossed away by the Jim Hendry GM masterclass.

Wow! That was a tense little line of comments! I think it’s safe to say that Cubs fans are extremely frustrated with the current state of the team and we have a right to be at this point. Carrie, I appreciate your comment about the lineup being filled with no trade clauses as that is the point here. At this point we can easily point the finger at Hendry, but it doesn’t change the fact that this is the team they are stuck with for at least this year. For better or worse we’re going to be seeing Rami and Lee batting in key positions all season, barring injury. The silver lining tonight was Lee hitting two doubles and Caridad looking great in relief. Wells was solid in eight innings. It’s still a little early to quit on this team, but it doesn’t look good….obviously.

Carrie, how about some love? Even if firing Hendry would only make ME happy…isn’t that enough???

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