5/12 Hendry: We have to fight to get out of funk

The Cubs headed into Wednesday’s game having 14 runs in their last seven losses combined, and scoring 14 runs in the one win in the last eight games.

“I don’t think any of us thought this was the kind of team that would average two runs a game,” GM Jim Hendry said. “Offensively, we’re certainly better than two, three runs a game. We’re in a funk and there’s nothing you can do about it except fight your way out of it.”

Hendry was encouraged by Aramis Ramirez’s at-bat in the eighth on Tuesday, even though the third baseman struck out. He said now is about the time Derrek Lee got on track a year ago.

“When you’re struggling, it gets contagious,” Hendry said. “Everybodhy’s trying to be the guy who gets you back on track and gets you over the hump.

“As good as those two guys are,” he said of Ramirez and Lee, “they’re also human beings and they could be internally pressing and trying so hard to get it going for the team, that sometimes it’s hard to get out of.”

The Cubs have scored three or fewer runs in each of their last four losses. Yet, the Cubs lead the Majors with a .289 batting average since April 21.

— Carrie Muskat


Hendry isn’t even worth commenting on anymore.
(Like I can really refrain!)

Of course! Why didn’t I realize it was Hendry’s fault that Aramis would blow chunks this year? Fire the bum!

Get a clue.

I posted that just for you, joeydafish.

And I don’t really think that Aramis is going to be this way all season. I do, however, have a fear that he may be this year’s version of Soriano – trying to play through an injury and hurting the team in the process. I still don’t think that shoulder is fully healed.

Thanks Carrie, you’re the best!!! Itsthecubsyear, are you saying that I blame Hendry for Ram blowing chunks (mmm, mmm…nothing like the fine fare at the old ballpark!!) early this year? HERE’S A CLUE: I have always given Hendry the rare credit he deserves for acquiring both Ram and Lee in what may be one of the few good moves he has ever made. Crappy seasons can happen to excellent players such as Ram and Lee especially when they are in the twilight of their carreer. But yes, most of the other crap is Hendry’s fault. Bad contracts, long contracts, wrong type of players etc. Hendry was encouraged by a strike out for Pete’s sake!!! Sincerely, “Clueless” Joe Fish

Similarly, I’m not blaming Hendry for Ramirez’ funk.

What I am so annoyed about is he brought in Tracy – known as a team leader – as Baker and Fontenot were not good enough stand ins in 2009, he batted .273 with limitted chances and is now batting .565 at AAA… so the inspired Hendry puts us in a situation where the only alternative to Ramirez is a part-time 3rd baseman batting .216

You couldn’t make it up!

hustlelikereed, Hendry shows yet again he is reeling and somewhat clueless and is STILL paying for letting DeRos go.
I just can’t wait to see next year,s version of Baker/Nady/Bradley assuming Hendry is still the GM…yeck.
I’m sure he found it hard to demote Baker because Baker was his DeRosa replacement for last season and by demoting him he would compound his own inneptitude??

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